Horicon moves forward with pit bull ban...
The Clerk was NOT forthcoming with emails...so PLEASE, PLEASE send FAXES, FAXS & MORE FAXES!!!!
Snail mail is important also!!!!
The next Council meeting is on the 25th and Clerk stated this will be discussed and
possibly voted into ordinance....

Horicon City Hall
404 E Lake St
Horicon , WI 53032
(920) 485-3500
FAX 920-485-3503
Doug Plier City Attorney dougplierlaw@powerweb.net

This community is following the usual myths and media hype...have NOT enforced the ordinances they currently have on the books...so because negligence on the part of enforcing the ordinance has created an issue (they cite a dog bite per month...gee wonder if THOSE are all the same breed??) they have decided to "ban the problem"...forgetting? that all dogs can bite. When will these cities realize that by banning a breed they are stating clearly to thier community they are SAFE FROM BITES...and they can be sued for any dog bite which occurs after passing a ban???