South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DATED: 11/10/99 Thank you, Lynn Bulanek, for your efforts and updates

Pit Bull ban to remain as is...

Despite attendance of 85 and a petition signed by over 90, the Common Council decided to pit bull ban in effect without any changes. Also in favor of removing the ban were 6 letters from local vets, one veterinarian in attendance, a letter from the local humane society and a fax from the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The mayor was unswayed, saying that the FAX from AKC was from the 80's and outdated and the ban was in the "best interests for the people of South Milwaukee". Alderman Bartoshevich based his favor for the ban on parts from a book on American Stafforshire terriers, mentioning such "negative" aspects as intelligent, focused, won't quit a fight, stubborn and hard to train. He did not mention any positive attributes. Interestingly enough, he does not awn any dogs. One attendee commented that the aldermen appeared afraid to say anything. Only Alderman Marlowe spoke up against the ban. Ninety of his district members signed the petition to repeal the ban.

Thank you all for your efforts and don't give up! Take hope in the news for Hollywood, Florida, where a breed-specific dangerous dog ordinance in effect for almost a year has been overturned to a behavior-based ordinace. If they can do it, so can you!

DATED: 10/29/99

Thanks again to Pam Thomas for the update!

Next Meeting: November 2, 1999 - BE THERE!

The meeting will be held at the
South Milwaukee City Hall
2424 15th Avenue at 7:00 pm.

Nearly 85 dog owners turned out for the 10/27 Council meeting to voice their opinions regarding the 'Pit Bull' ordinance in South Milwaukee. Thank you!!

Of that approximately 85, a dozen or so spoke eloquently to the issue of setting an innocent group of people (owners of mixed breed dogs that may or may not vaguely resemble a class of dogs known collectively as Bull Terriers) apart and denying them the Constitutional rights afforded the rest of our society. They spoke of citizens being arrested on the street. They spoke of one man, whom no city official will identify, as being charged with labeling a dog a 'Pit Bull' - something we all know is scientifically impossible to do. Yet, if this unidentified man says the dog has even an element of 'pit bull' in its breeding, the citizen is denied his most valued possession, as once the person is charged, he must prove his innocence - the state does not have to prove his guilt! And there is no vehicle of appeal.

The aldermen on the Legislation and Permit Committee announced they will take the issue to the whole City Council on Tuesday, November 2, and recommend the 'Pit Bull' provisions of the vicious dog ordinance be repealed. The mayor has veto power. With your help we can convince him that breed-specific is not the way to go!


Contact Jackie or Lynn for further meeting details - the MORE THE MERRIER.

DATED: 10/19/99

Thanks to Pam Thomas, Pres. of the Dog Federation of Wisconsin

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An alderman in South Milwaukee plans to expand it's 1989 "pit bull" ordinance to include
Dobermans and Rottweilers.
Several voters attended a City Council meeting to oppose such a move and in fact, urged the alderman to consider repealing the current law. The following people are on the committee to review the current ordinance:

Dean Marlower, Jr. - District 3 Alderperson - 414-768-8790

David Bartoshevich - District 3 Alderperson - 414-764-2836

R. Patrick Stoner - District 2 Alderperson - 414-764-6519

The meeting will be held at the
South Milwaukee City Hall
(2424 15th Ave.)

on October 27, 1999 at 6:30 pm.

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