Washington, DC

Washington, DC

DATED: 2/4/2000
Due to some opposition within HSUS, from ADOA, and e-mails of protest, the Humane Society seems to have given up support of the DC BSL for now. Your efforts do help!

Statement by DC Dog Coalition on Animal Control in District of Columbia

DATED: 12/12/99
For quicker access to HSUS, visit http://www.hsus.org/forms/contact_companion.html.

DATED: 12/2/99 Humane Society may support BSL in DC

Here's an update directly from the DC Dog Coalition. Please take the time to read through it.

Dear Dog Lovers:

DC Dog Coalition is an organization fighting proposed breed-specific legislation currently before the City Council of our nation's capitol. The proposal seeks to ban American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs.

One of our allies has been the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which has provided us with useful information on why BSL is a bad idea, which we have forwarded to the DC City Council. DC Dog Coalition has also presented the DC City Council with alternative legislation based on some guidelines issued by HSUS.

Unfortunately, due to political pressure from the Washington (local) Humane Society, an organization with close links to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), HSUS is now RECONSIDERING THEIR STANCE ON BSL in this case. They are considering issuing a statement that a temporary (8-10 years) ban on "bull breeds" be instituted in the District of Columbia. They have not gone public with this stance yet, but they see it as a compromise between the main organizations for and against this proposed ban.

This is not an official position yet - HSUS is still considering it and is looking for input from regional offices. Now is our chance to nip this terrible development in the bud.

HSUS can either be for BSL or against it - there is no "in-between" position. If HSUS takes this action, it will be turning its back on people it has assisted in fighting BSL throughout the country. Not only that, it will be contradicting the express written positions it makes available to the public on this issue. This will set a dangerous precedent for future breed controversies.

Dog lovers should contact the following people and inform them NOT to change the HSUS stance on breed-specific legislation:

Martha C. Armstrong
Vice President, Companion Animals
and Equine Protection
The Humane Society of the United States

Ann Church,
Director, Legislative Affairs

Dr. Leslie Sinclair
Companion Animal Care
(301) 258-3121

Paul Irwin, Pres.

District of Columbia Dog Coalition

DATED: 11/10/99
Our thanks to Jackie Cooper for the latest news!

DC Council is at it again...

Councilman Kevin Chavous and 4 other councilmembers are supporting a ban on pit bulls, naming 5 specific breeds to include all varieties of dogs with the appearance of a pit bull. If passed, current pit bull owners have 10 days to register their dogs which must be spayed or neutered and the owners must carry $50,000 liability coverage. These dogs must be muzzled at all times in public. The penalty for those not registered is euthanization and a $2000 fine and up to two years in jail for the owner.

To help fight this ban ... contact the DC Dog Coalition.

DATED: 10/16/99
Thanks to Kristina Cooley for the update on Washington, DC!

For more details and to see how you can help, visit the DC Dog Coalition Web Site.

dated: 10/08/99
Thanks to Judy Marion, here is the contact list for the DC, City Council.

dated: 10/07/99:


I know I am a little late getting this out, but better late than never.

Washington, DC is proposing to BAN "Pit Bulls".
..they tried to do this along with banning Rottweilers in 1996 and we defeated them...we need to DO IT AGAIN!!

We CAN win again if we bombard the city council in NUMBERS with letters. faxes, phone calls, and emails!

In the meantime please join forces with the DC Dog Coalition and help them in any way you can, their goal is to get this absurd ordinance dropped and hopefully create a working relationship with the council.

Mark Sobo from Councilmember Schwartz's (we remember HIM) office has stated that he would ban any breed that lawbreakers want to have. He also stated that he hopes to BAN Rottweilers after they ban the "pit bulls"!!!

Bottom line is this folks....that once they get ANY breed banned they will then simply add others.

This is the city that represents our entire NATION....other cities/states are watching DC and will try to follow suit.
Other countries are also watching...

We must convince the legislators to adequately enforce the laws they have rather than create new ones. The Council thinks it is easier to ban breeds of dogs, than to stop the dog-fighters and enforce the laws already on the books. This does NOT punish the criminal, for they will simply choose another breed and there are many to choose from.... what then? We all know that Rottweilers are to be the next breed on the list and then...???
We need to convince them to assess heavier penalties and not dictate to honest, law abiding citizens on what breed of dog they they choose to own and love. Many pit bulls are in therapy, and are loving family dogs...we must ban together once again and stop this lunacy!

Thanks to Judy Marion, here is the contact list for the DC, City Council.