**How you can help with the weekly updates**
If you live in or near an area where BSL has been proposed, 
it would be a tremendous help if you could call the city clerk for 
updates on city council meetings and/or the status of any proposed ordinance!!  
Deltona, Florida
Passed generic non-breed specific dangerous dog law as opposed to BSL.
Madison, Wisconsin
Passed generic non-breed specific dangerous dog law as opposed to BSL.
We can make a difference!
Middletown, Ohio
Looking at a REPEAL of their pit bull ordinance.  We definitely need 
to encourage and support the city council on this! 
To email a council member please click on their link below.
Mayor, At-large  Bob Wells 
Vice Mayor, Ward 2  William Moore 
Ward 1  Jim Armbruster 
Ward 3  Anthony Marconi 
Ward 4  David Schiavone 
At-large Noah Powers 
At-large Laura Williams 

The mailing address for the City Council is:

City of Middletown
City Council 
One Donham Plaza 
Middletown, Ohio 45042 
Roanoke Rapids, N.C.
The proposed ordiance would classify all pit bulls (and variations thereof) 
as "potentially dangerous dogs."  Contact info below article.  E-mail 
addresses are not given for the city council members, so it is always 
suggested to send your e-mails to the City Clerk with the request that 
the same be distributed to each council member.
Elected Officials:
http://www.roanoker apidsnc.com/
City e-mail
egov@roanokerapidsn c.com
City Administration
City Council
Drewery N. Beale 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Council Member (Mayor Pro Tem) 
Reggie Baird 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Council Member 
Carl Ferebee 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Council Member 
Jon Baker 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Council Member 
Ernest Bobbitt 
Phone: (252) 537-5818 
Council Member 
Ed W. Deese 
Phone (252) 537-6167 
City Attorney 
Glynn Rollins 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Assistant City Attorney 
W. Lunsford Crew 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 
Phyllis P. Lee – City Manager
Phone: (252)533-2876
Fax: (252)533-2809
Email: plee@roanokerapidsn c.com 
Lisa Vincent – City Clerk
Phone: (252) 533-2801
Fax: (252) 533-2809
Email: lvincent@roanokerap idsnc.com
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Looking at ban on pit bulls and variations thereof
C. Ray Baker, Jr.
Term Expiration: 12-31-06 
4420 Victoria Drive / 72904
Click here to e-mail Mayor Baker
Position 1
Kenneth Pyle
Ward 1
Term Expiration: 12-31-08 
1404 Oak Knolls Circle / 72903
Click here to e-mail Director Pyle
Position 2
Velvet Medlock
Ward 2
Term Expiration: 12-31-08 
820 North 12th Street / 72901
Click here to e-mail Director Medlock 
Position 3
Alaric Parrish
Ward 3
Term Expiration: 12-31-08 
3016 Edinburgh Dr / 72908
Click here to e-mail Director Parrish
Position 4
Bill Maddox
Ward 4
Term Expiration: 12-31-08 
6405 South Fresno / 72903
Click here to e-mail Director Maddox
Position 5
Gary W. Campbell
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
2711 Reeder / 72901
Click here to e-mail Director Campbell
Position 6
Ben H. Shipley
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
3216 South Cliff Dr / 72903
Click here to e-mail Director Shipley
Position 7
Dr. Cole Goodman
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
7409 Rivercrest Circle / 72903
Click here to e-mail Director Goodman
Click Here to E-Mail All Directors and the Mayor  

*Deputy City Administrator Dean Kruithof
*City Administrator Randy Reed
*Deputy City Administrator Ray Gosack
623 Garrison Avenue, Room 315
Fort Smith, AR 72901
479-784-2430 fax
E-mail Us at:  administration@ fsark.com 

*Administrative Assistant Wendy Beshears
Phone: 479.784.2201
Fax:  479.784.2430
Metheun, Massachusets
Mayor William M. Manzi, III 
Searles Building, Room 306
41 Pleasant St.
Methuen, MA 01844 
Matthew Kraunelis: Mayor's Chief of Staff
Lisa A. Alaimo: Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Maggie Rosinski: Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
E-mail address and phone numbers are available when you click the 
individual council members' names.
Councilors-at- Large 
Kathleen Corey Rahme 
Stephen N. Zanni
Kenneth R. Willette, Jr.
Central District
John A. Cronin, Jr.
Philip J. Lahey, Jr. 
East District
Larry F. Giordano
Joseph A. Leone, III 
West District
Robert A. Andrew
Deborah R. Quinn
Christine Touma-Conway
City Clerk
Searles Building, Rm.119
41 Pleasant St.
Methuen, MA 01844

Anne Drouin
Assistant City Clerk
Searles Building, Rm.112
41 Pleasant St.
Methuen, MA 01844 
Fax: 978-794-3215

Washington, Iowa
Working on a new ordinance.  One official is quoted as saying that of the 
citizens he spoke to, "90% want an all out ban on certain breeds." 
City Hall 
215 E. Washington St.
Fax: 319-653-5273
City Council 
Sandra Johnson- Council at Large 
Merle Hagie Council at Large 
Bob Shepherd Ward-1 
Russ Zieglowsky - Ward 2 
Mike Roth Ward 3 
Fred Stark - 4th Ward 
Council Committees 
Council Agendas & Minutes 
City Administrator
     David Plyman 
           dplyman@washingtoni owa.net
City Clerk 
    Jeff Rosien 
          jrosien@washingtonio wa.net
           319-653-6584 - office 
Deputy City Clerk
    Illa Earnest
           iearnest@washington iowa.net
2nd Deputy City Clerk 
    Deb Wagler
           dwagler@washingtoni owa.net


Santa Rosa, California
Poised to join the list of Sonoma County cities adopting tougher laws 
targeting vicious animals, particularly specific pit bull-type dog breeds
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1678, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 
Mayor Jane Bender
Phone: (707) 538-9644
jbender@ci.santa- rosa.ca.us

  Vice Mayor Bob Blanchard
Phone: (707) 543-3010
Fax: (707) 543-3030
bblanchard@ci. santa-rosa. ca.us

Janet Condron
Phone: (707) 576-1128
jcondron@ci. santa-rosa. ca.us

  Michael Martini
Phone: (707) 823-2049
Fax: (707) 823-8622
mmartini@ci. santa-rosa. ca.us

Lee Pierce
Phone: (707) 568-3911
Fax: (707) 579-0882
lpierce@ci.santa- rosa.ca.us

  Steve Rabinowitsh
Phone: (707) 535-0407
Fax: (707) 573-9120
srabinowitsh@ ci.santa- rosa.ca.us

John Sawyer
Phone: (707) 578-6006
Fax: (707) 578-6006
jsawyer@ci.santa- rosa.ca.us


Adminstrative Services
City Hall Annex
90 Santa Rosa Avenue 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 543-3085
Fax: (707) 543-3139

  Brien Farrell, City Attorney
City Hall, Room #8
100 Santa Rosa Avenue 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 543-3040
Fax: (707) 543-3055

City Manager
City Hall, Room #10
100 Santa Rosa Avenue 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 543-3010
Fax: (707) 543-3030

Sue Stoneman, City Clerk
City Clerk's Office
Phone: (707) 543-3016

Floyd County, Georgia
Would automatically classify as “vicious” any pit bull or pit bull mix.
Floyd County Commisioners- this will be heard at their 2:00 pm meeting on 
September the 12th.  You must register with the County Clerk in order to 
speak...but it is an open attendance meeting.
Chairman John Mayes
315 Howell Street
Rome, GA 30161
Vice Chairman Jerry Jennings
Post 3 
8006 Blacks Bluff Rd. SW
Cave Spring, Ga. 30124
(706) 290-2665
jenningsj@floydcoun tyga.org 
jjennings@berry. edu
Commissioner Tom Bennett
Post 1
402 Turner Chapel Road
Rome, GA 30161
bennettt@floydcount yga.org
Commissioner Garry Fricks
Post 2 
308 E. 2nd Street
Rome, GA 30161
fricksg@floydcounty ga.org
Commissioner Chuck Hufstetler
Post 4
3 Orchard Spring Dr. S.W. Rome, GA 30165
hufstetlerc@ floydcountyga. org
Chillicothe, Missouri
Meeting was August 30 - Still looking at ban on new pit bulls

Todd Rodenberg 660-646-2267 Cell: 660-707-2807  FAX: 660-646-6811 
(Council meetings are held on the 2nd and last Monday of each month) 
Councilman-At- Large Chuck Haney   646-1868 (home) 707-1820 (work) 
1703 Burnam Rd. 
1st Ward
Earle S. Teegarden, Jr.  646-1858 (home) -- 1720 Country Club Dr. 
2nd Ward
Lonnie Sewell 646-2545 (home) 646-2260 (work) 514 15th Street  
3rd Ward
Tom Douglas 646-0704 (home) 646-0854 (work) 216 Gale 
4th Ward
Pam Jarding 646-6304 (home) 646-6939 (work) 911 Sunnyview 

Grain Valley, Missouri
Would automatically classify "pit bulls" or any variance thereof, as 
well as wolf hybrids, as dangerous. 
**A city official has advised that Grain Valley is not pursuing BSL.  
A copy of the new proposed ordinance has been requested, however, the 
same has yet to be received.  Until then, we can only assume BSL is 
still on the table.**
Gary Bradley - City Administrator - 816/847-6200, 
gbradley@cityofgrai nvalley.org
Cathy Cox - Assistant to City Administrator - 816/847-6211 
Larry Shannon - Code Official/Department Head lshannon@cityofgrainvalley.org 
Mayor David Halphin
Phone: 816-847-0870
Email: mayor@cityofgrainva lley.org
Terry Beebe  
Email: terrybb@nuvox. net     
Chet Piotrowski
Phone: 816-847-5504
Email: piotche@jacksongov. org 
Mike Todd    
Phone: 816-229-6674       
Email: mtodd@bbsd.net      
David Mackay
Cell Phone: 816-932-8372
Email: david.mackay@ hrblock.com  
Mike Scully         
Phone: 816-847-2611            
  Email: michael.scully@ fike.com   
Bob Headley
Phone: 816-847-7537
Email: rheadley@cityofgrai nvalley.org   
Sugar Creek, Missouri
Police chief Herb Soule says he worked with City Attorney about a 
possible ordinance regarding pit bulls...  
**None of the e-mail links below are valid**
Sugar Creek City - City Hall 
103 South Sterling Avenue, Sugar Creek, MO 64054 
(816) 252-4400  

Mayor Stan Salva   252-4400 x132 

Chief of Police Herb Soule    816-521-7923 x223
Martinovich , Ronald  City Administrator   816-252-4400  131 

Olivarez-Dickerson, Jana   City Clerk 

Eden, North Carolina
Officials have used Denver's pit bull ordinance as a model for their own.  
The ordinance is currently before the city attorney.  
Next city council meeting is September 18, 2006.
You can contact the Mayor and the Eden City Council 
at our E-Gov Section under Citizens Comments & Concerns - Mayor/Council 
Mr. Thomas E. Medlin, Jr. - City Attorney
(336) 627-4300


Mayor - John E. Grogan
Elected in 2005
342 Maplewood Drive, Eden, N.C. 27289
Home  (336) 623-8682 
Mayor Pro-Tem
Mr. Wayne Tuggle Sr  
Ward 6
Elected in 2003
303 Taft Street
Eden, N.C. 27288
(336) 627-8022
Mrs. Donna Turner
Ward 1
Elected in 2003
1005 Fields Street
Eden, N.C. 27288
(336) 627-7552
Mr. Bruce Nooe
Ward 2
Elected in 2003
238 Highland Drive
Eden, N.C. 27288
(336) 627-4415
Mrs. Christine H. Myott
Ward 3
Elected in 1993
913 Church Street, Eden, N.C. 27288
(336) 623-8336 
Mr. Jerry Epps
Ward 4
Elected in 2001
516 Victor Street
Eden, NC  27288
(336) 627-0618 
Mr. Darryl Carter
Ward 5
Elected in 2005
334 Sunset Drive
Eden, NC  27288
(336) 623-5809
Mr. C.H. Gover
Ward 7
Elected in 1999
1811 Woodrow Avenue
Eden, N.C. 27288
(336) 635-1715  
The Mayor & City Council 
are assisted by the City Clerk 
and the Deputy City Clerk. 

308 East Stadium Drive | Eden, North Carolina 27288
Phone (336) 623-2110 | Fax (336) 623-4041
info@ci.eden. nc.us 
Oklahoma statewide
Representative Paul Wesselhoft has vowed to propose BSL in the next 
legislative session.  We've already had reports from citizens in Oklahoma 
that this, in fact, is true.  After his proposed statewide ban on pit bulls 
failed last legislative session, his new proposal will be "in a form to 
allow cities to make their own decision to ban any dog if they think it's 
in the public interest."

Oklahoma House Members:  http://www.lsb. state.ok. us/
Oklahoma Senate Members:  http://www.lsb. state.ok. us/
Union of Nova Scotia
Looking at banning certain breeds (pit bulls specifically named)
Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities 
Suite 1106, 1809 Barrington Street 
Halifax, N.S. B3J 3K8 
Phone: (902) 423-8331
Fax:(902) 425-5592 
E-mail: mainunsm@eastlink. ca

Warden Richard Cotton, County of Richmond 
Vice-President/ Secretary-Treasurer :
Deputy Mayor Russell Walker, Halifax Regional Municipality 
Immediate Past-President:
Mayor Charles Crosby, Town of Yarmouth 
Regional Caucus Chair:
Councillor Darren Bruckschwaiger, Cape Breton Regional Municipality 
Rural Caucus Chair:
Warden Lloyd Hines, District of Guysborough 
Town Caucus Chair: 
Deputy Mayor Robert Wrye, Town of Wolfville
Warden Richard Cotton - President
County of Richmond
Deputy Mayor Russell Walker Vice-President/ Secretary- Treasurer
Halifax Regional Municipality 
Mayor Charles Crosby - Immediate Past-President
Town of Yarmouth 
Councillor Darren Bruckschwaiger - Regional Caucus Chair
Cape Breton Regional Municipality 
Warden Lloyd Hines - Rural Caucus Chair
District of Guysborough 
Deputy Mayor Robert Wyre - Town Caucus Chair
Town of Wolfville 
Councillor Vince Hall - Regional Caucus
Cape Breton Regional Municipality 
Councillor Linda Mosher - Regional Caucus
Halifax Regional Municipality 
Councillor Patricia Nicherson - Rural Caucus
District of Shelburne 
Warden Fred Whalen - Rural Caucus
County of Kings 
Councillor Beverlee Brown - Town Caucus
Town of Bridgewater 
Mayor Billy Joe MacLean - Town Caucus
Town of Port Hawkesbury 
Mr. Angus Fleming - AMA Representative ("non-voting" )
Cape Breton Regional Municipality 
McComb, Mississippi
Looking to ban pit bulls
sspears@mccomb- ms.gov General info-email and ask that your info be giving 
to each Councilmember
Mayor Thomas H. Walman
P.O. Box 667
McComb, MS 39649
Office: (601) 684-4000

Danny Esch Selectman Ward #1
Voting Precinct 1 
National Guard Armory
319 West Street N
McComb, MS 39648
Robert M. MaddoxSelectman Ward #2
Voting Precinct 2A
American Legion Hut
403 Lakeshore Drive
McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 2B 
Pike Baptist Assn. Building
630 Missouri Avenue
McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 2C
Community Parks Building
305 Middleton Avenue
McComb, MS 39648
David W. MyersSelectman Ward #3 dwmyers98@yahoo. com
Voting Precinct 3
Harrell Temple Church
606 Live Oak Street N
McComb, MS 39648
Email: dwmyers98@yahoo. com

Melvin "Joe" JohnsonSelectman Ward #4
Voting Precinct 4A
McComb Law
Enforcement Complex
501 Beech Street
McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 4B - 
   Joe's Tractor Company
   615 Presley Blvd. W.
   McComb, MS 39648
Warren Ellis GilmoreSelectman Ward #5  
Voting Precinct 5A 
Martin Luther King Center
601 Martin Luther King Dr. 
McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 5B
Alpha Center
414 McComb Street
McComb, MS 39648  

Email: wegilmore@hotmail. com

Marvin GodboldSelectman At Large
(City wide - All precincts)
North Liberty, Iowa 
Public forum and meeting was on August 29.  No update yet. 
Looking at alternatives to BSL (but BSL still on the table)
625 Pebble Court
North Liberty, IA 52317
david.franker@ northlibertyiowa .org

Council Members: 
15 Hickory St.
North Liberty, IA 52317
Email: mbahl@southslope. net 

1180 Saint Andrews Drive
North Liberty, IA 52317
gerry.kuhl@northlib ertyiowa. org

115 Vixen Lane
North Liberty, IA 52317
Email: james.moody@ northlibertyiowa .org

35 N Dubuque Street
North Liberty, IA 52317
Email: tasalm@terracon. com 

1572 Deerfield Drive
North Liberty, IA 52317
james.wozniak@ northlibertyiowa .org 

Fall River, MA 
This was sent back to Committee once again at the last Council meeting.
Looking at alternatives to BSL (but BSL is still on the table)

City Hall
One Government Center
Fall River, MA 02722
Phone: (508) 324-2000
Fax: (508) 324-2211

Fall River City Council City Council President
William Whitty 508-324-2232 

Fall River Mayor 
Edward Lambert 508-324-2600 

Fall River City/Town Manager
James Smith 508-324-2600 

Fall River City/Town Clerk 
Carol Valcourt 508-324-2220 
Memphis, Missouri
The Clerk seemed to be evasive on the issue and stated that she didn’t 
think there would be any public input at the next meeting. Anyone in the 
area please keep an eye on this.
BSL being considering - Meeting was September 7, 2006 - NO UPDATE YET.

Memphis City Hall
135 South Main Street, Memphis, MO 63555 
(660) 465-7285 
(660) 465-7342(fax) 


Montgomery, Alabama
Meeting was September 6, 2006 - WE RECEIVED NO UPDATE ON THIS MEETING.
Montgomery City Clerk, Barbara Violock at 334-241-2096. 

Physical Address
City Hall 
103 North Perry Street 
Montgomery, Alabama 36104 

Mailing Address 
Post Office Box 1111 
Montgomery, Alabama 36101-1111 
Phone: (334) 241-2000 
Fax: (334) 241-2600
E-mail: mayor@ci.montgomery .al.us 

Oak Grove, Missouri
Meeting was September 5, 2006 - WE RECEIVED NO UPDATE ON THIS MEETING. 
City Hall is located at:
1300 S. Broadway Street
Oak Grove, Missouri 64075
Phone: (816) 690-3773 
Fax: (816) 690-8478
Corinth, Kentucky  
Meeting was September 5, 2006 - WE RECEIVED NO UPDATE ON THIS MEETING. 
Mayor Billy Hill
Corinth City Building
215 Thomas Ln
Corinth, KY 41010
City Commissioners
Wanda Colson
Bob McDaniel
Ted Fisk
Kenny Ratcliff
Independence, Missouri
An effort to give Independence voters a chance to overturn the city's pit 
bull ban has come up short.  The Jackson County Board of Election 
Commissioners notified the city Friday that a petition that would have 
given the City Council the option of repealing the ban or putting a repeal 
question on the February ballot generated fewer than the 100 verified 
signatures needed. As a result, the city's new ordinance becomes effective 
and petitions cannot be accepted to place the question on a ballot. 
By comparison, a petition in support of the ban generated 4,401 signatures. 
Independence residents have until Oct. 27 to comply with the ordinance. 
BSL Passed but being challenged
Clinton, Mississippi
A hearing on this matter was scheduled to take place on August 30, 2006, 
however, the judge recused himself.  A new judge must be assigned to hear 
the case, and no new hearing date has been set. 

Update on Judy 
Please continue to keep our beloved friend and faithful BSL warrior, 
Judy Schreiber, in your thoughts and prayers.  She is on the road to recovery, 
albeit a long one, but she is progressing and that's all we can ask for!!      

Support the Cause
The American Canine Foundation (ACF) is doing all it can to fight for our 
rights and has recently filed several lawsuits challenging BSL. PLEASE 
donate to and support the ACF. Please do all you can to help those fighting 
for our rights. It takes an incredible amount of money to file and defend a 
lawsuit, and positive outcomes can result in good things for everyone around 
the country. 

American Canine Foundation 23969 NE State Rte 3 Suite G101 Belfair Wa 98528 
or paypal at (legislation2003@ hotmail.com) 

Letters to Officials
You can find 3 different form letters, from simple to detailed, that can be 
modified and sent to the above officials at www.defendingdog. com.  Please 
voice your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific legislation! 

Please take action and remember... we are the only voices our dogs have...