Turtle Moon Rescue, Inc. is trying to organize resources in an effort to better
fight against the Fayetteville, TN. BSL. If you are a responsible pit bull owner living
in the city limits of Fayetteville, TN., please click here and send us an email with
your name, address and contact information.

A little history (from Turtle Moon Rescue website)
On March 21st, 2007, city council of Fayetteville, TN. passed a dangerous dog ordinance. In this ordinance it states the three main bully breeds as being declared dangerous and therefore must comply with the rules within the ordinance. Those rules claim any dangerous dog must be muzzled in public and kept on a 4 ft (no longer) leash, if kept outdoors it must be in a pen with 2 ft of fencing underground, at least 8 ft high from ground level, with a fenced top and padlock on door. Owners of these breeds will also face having to keep $100,000.00 liability insurance policy for as long as they own the dog(s). Now, in addition to these breeds being named and declared dangerous, it also states in this ordinance that from the time this goes into effect, any dog deemed dangerous by an ACO or signed affidavit, then the owner is given due process and a judge may then deem their dog dangerous based on it's actions. If so, then that owner must now comply with the rules within this ordinance. The ordinance goes into effect April 1st, and owners have 90 days to comply with the ordinance or get rid of their dog. TMR is working on getting a copy of this ordinance put on our website!