AKRON, OHIO: Thanks to Cathy DeCesare for updating this information....Instead of any further breed-specific legislation that would include Rottweilers, the Akron City Council is now looking into responsible pet ownership education in local schools.
(This city already has breed-specific legislation naming ‘pit bulls’)

FAIRFIELD, OHIO: A proposal to ban "pit bull dogs" was NOT tabled...Instead it was unexpectedly pulled out and PASSED!!! It was not listed on the agenda!!! NOONE was contacted!!!! A councilman presented 240 signatures of people that support it and the ordinance was quickly passed at the tail-end of the council meeting!!!
This ordinance defines 'pit bulls' as being:
Stafforshire Bull Terriers
American Staffordshire Terriers
or ANY dog identifiable as partially of either of those breeds
Violators found guilty will have their dogs removed from the city or DESTROYED!