9-13-05 UPDATE
Many thanks to Christa for all her dedication and hard work keeping us informed on this!!!
Folks ~ PLEASE click the link (neon green) below and vote no.
I spoke to the Mayor of Lincoln City Friday & she indicated they are only in the information gathering stages at this point.
I have sent a lot of info along with many of you.
I have calls into the mayor, city manager and an email to Cathy S. who was coordinating all the info on pit bulls for their meeting to find out the status of last night's meeting.
I had planned to drive over but the mayor said on Friday she didn't know if they'd even get to the topic last night.
She will let me know when they are planning to discuss in depth.
In the meantime I have also sent information to the local reporter covering the issue in Lincoln City
Bill Choy choy@thenewsguard.com .
Regarding the KATU Town Hall program;
I have been in near constant contact with the person coordinating it and it has begun to appear as though there will only be a hand picked panel discussing pit bulls without audience participation. I continue to follow up on this as our understanding here locally is that the filming will be 9/14.
I'll let you know what I find out on both counts.
Please vote http://www.katu.com/news/news_poll_pit_bulls2.asp


Council meeting September 12, 2005 @ 7:00 p.m.
Lincoln Square Complex
801 SW Hwy 101, Third Floor
Lincoln City, OR 97367
541-996-2152 Fax: 541-996-7232
Was discussed briefly at the August 22nd meeting.
There was an incident where two pit bulls dug under a fence and attacked an elderly man and his dog.
They are welcoming any information to help educate, however they have a very full agenda and may not have a lot of time for the "pit bull" discussion.
Cathy stated to me that if we could get info emailed to her by noon tomorrow
she will be sure to include into the packets.
Email all info to cathys@lincolncity.org
They have received some letters and those have been included in the packets which will be given to the Council members on Friday.