Sheffield Lake, Ohio
November 20, 2005 Thanks Mary for the heads up!

There was an incident where two pit bulls attacked another dog.
So of course BSL was brought up.
Their council meeting is on Tuesday November 22, 2005
This is a very nice township, and the people whos addys, etc. are listed below just need our education, not our anger.
Please send informative alternatives to BSL. Thank you!
City Hall (440) 949-7141
609 Harris Road
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054
(Take Route 2 to exit 151 (Avon / Sheffield) Head west on route 611 Head north on 301)

Mayor John Piskura Mayor's Office (440) 949-7156
Online comment to Mayor Piskura

Online comment to Councilmembers

Ed Podmanick-President
Dennis Bring
Eric Elliott
Rick Rosso
Diane Huska
Steve Kovach
Joyce Hanks
Alan Smith