2/17/99- The City Council of Pepper Pike voted in an "improved" piece of
legislation regulating dangerous & vicious dogs. If a dog is determined to
be dangerous, It must be confined, while on the ownerís premises, to a
locked , fenced pen with a top or other enclosure which has a top. Insurance
requirements are for $50,000 of liability, and the dog must be leashed when
off premises. Vicious dogs shall be prohibited. The State of Ohio has three
classifications of vicious dogs:
1. A dog which has killed or caused serious injury to a person
2. A dog which has caused other than serious injury to a person, or has
killed another dog
3. A dog of a breed which is commonly known as a pit bull
In Pepper Pike, only the first two classifications shall be prohibited. It
will still be lawful to own a Pit Bull, and the requirements shall be the
same as for keeping a dangerous dog.

Canine Friends of Cleveland is supportive of this piece of legislation. We
are aware that it is still a ban, however, it is NON BREED SPECIFIC, and we
went through many permutations, conversations, phone calls, letter writing,
research, more phone conversations, education, press releases, more
revisions and dialogue with council to reach this compromise. I urge the dog
fancy to thank Mayor Bruce Akers Bruce H Akers and members of
Council for their consideration of behavior rather than breed to regulate
dangerous and vicious dogs. Weíll continue to closely monitor this piece of
legislation and its enforcement.

At last nightís meeting, Canine Friends of Cleveland presented the Mayor and
Council with a copy of AKCís Best Friends video, as a token of our
appreciation for their efforts in working with the dog fancy.

Melanie Tierney