Lancaster, Ohio
Law Committee in February
Mike Courtney Law Director
They are in the planning stages of gathering info
VERY nice man.
Concerned that early announcement will push the Council to act without really going over the information due to the publics perception of the breeds at issue.
So PLEASE write only polite educational letters to give tham alternatives to banning!
Municipal Building
104 E Main St. Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Mayor David S. Smith 740-687-6600
Lindel R. Jackson Service/Safety Director 740 687-6608
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STEVE JACKSONsjackson@ci.lancaster.oh.us
JOHN SMITHjsmith@ci.lancaster.oh.us
ANN KITZMILLER jzekas@ci.lancaster.oh.us
TOM STOUGHTON tstoughton@ci.lancaster.oh.us
HARRY HILES hhiles@ci.lancaster.oh.us
CARL TATMAN ctatman@ci.lancaster.oh.us
DYKE ANDREWSdandrews@ci.lancaster.oh.us
Clerk Teresa Sandy tsandy@ci.lancaster.oh.us