Roanoke Rapids, NC
After nearly a year-BSL is once again on the table...........

Looking at the following proposal:

“Potentially dangerous dogs” are classified as pit bull terriers as defined 
by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club. 
They include the American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire pit bull terrier, 
American Staffordshire terrier or bull terrier or any mixed breed dog 
containing elements of those breeds as identified by a veterinarian or 
any dog whose owner registers, defines, admits or otherwise identifies 
such dog as being a pit bull.

E-mail addresses are not given for the city council members, 
so it is always suggested to send your e-mails to the City Clerk 
with the request that the same be distributed to each council member.

Lisa Vincent – City Clerk
Phone: (252) 533-2801
Fax: (252) 533-2809
Email: lvincent@roanokerap idsnc.com

Phyllis P. Lee – City Manager
Phone: (252)533-2876
Fax: (252)533-2809
Email: plee@roanokerapidsnc.com 

Mayor Drewery N. Beale 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

Council Member Reggie Baird (Mayor Pro Tem) 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

Council Member Carl Ferebee 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

Council Member Jon Baker 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

Council Member Ernest Bobbitt 
Phone: (252) 537-5818 

Council Member Ed W. Deese 
Phone (252) 537-6167 

City Attorney 
Glynn Rollins 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

Assistant City Attorney 
W. Lunsford Crew 
Phone: (252) 533-2800 

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