NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Once again this great city has an underlying current developing to BAN BREEDS OF DOGS!!

Almost 2 years ago a proposal in the form of Resolution 156 was drafted, but never went anywhere....now ONCE AGAIN, this year City Councilman Peter Vallone, is trying to get action from the City to push this through to the State Legislation in order to rescind the section that prohibits any legislation in the state that restricts dogs based on breed...

So far he has not been given a lot of cooperation and let's hope it remains that way..

Please write to the following with your input:

Health Committee Chair, Hon. Joel Rivera: rivera@council.nyc.ny.us

Committee members:
Maria del Carmen Arroyo arroyo@council.nyc.ny.us
Maria Baez baez@council.nyc.ny.us
Yvette D. Clark clark@council.nyc.ny.us
Inez E. Dickens dickens@council.nyc.ny.us
Helen D. Foster foster@council.nyc.ny.us
John C. Liu liu@council.nyc.ny.us
Miguel Martinez martinez@council.nyc.ny.us
Michael E. McMahon mcmahon@council.nyc.ny.us
Rosie Mendez mendez@council.nyc.ny.us
Helen Sears sears@council.nyc.ny.us
Kendall Stewart stewart@council.nyc.ny.us
Albert Vann vann@council.nyc.ny.us