UPDATE 5-22-06
In regard to the Commissioner wanting the county to look at banning pit-bull breeding or
some other measure to address dog attacks. The Sante Fe County Liaison states she
thinks there will be a presentation of the requested information on May 30th at 10:00.
This is just a presentation with no voting. Problem being the agenda is not finalized
until 24 hours before the meeting., so anyone in the area planning on attending
will need to be on their toes.


After an 11-year-old Edgewood boy was hospitalized with dog-bite injuries,
Santa Fe County commissioners are planning to hear from experts
about whether they should pass laws aimed at preventing
such an attack in the future, with Commissioner Mike Anaya
leading the way for banning breeds. They are looking for "expert" information
and Denver was cited in the article I read.
Their next regular Commission meeting is the 25th of April.
Harry B. Montoya Has been responsive to our letters
Chairman, Board of County Commissioners
102 Grant Ave.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
(505) 986-6200
Virginia Vigil Hesitant to support breed ban-looking for more info
Vice-Chairman, Board of County Commissioners
(505) 995-2755
Mike D. Anaya Wants ban
Paul Campos
Jack Sullivan

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