Whereas, the City Council of the City of Camden seeks to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents and their companion dogs and cats of the City by reducing the number of homeless dogs and cats. The Council finds that each year thousands of dogs and cats from the City are euthanized because suitable and immediate homes cannot be found. It is the purpose of this ordinance to eliminate the excessive number of animals and thereby obviate needless killing of these animals by restricting the breeding practices of dog and cats owners through legislation that is both reasonable and enforceable: now therefore

Be it ordained by the City Council of the city of Camden, as follows:
Section1. It shall be unlawful to own, possess or keep in the City any dog or cat over the age of six(6) months that has not been spayed or neutered, except as provided in Subsection 3 of this ordinance

Section 2. The above prohibition shall not apply in the following situations

a. Statement of Veterinarian: If a licensed veterinarian states, in writing, that an animal is unfit to undergo the required surgical procedure because of an extreme health condition of the animal. Such extreme health conditions shall include, but not be limited to: severe cardiovascular comprise, bleeding disorder, respiratory disease, and hepatic disease. The old age of an animal shall not, of itself, constitute an extreme health condition for purposes of this section.

b. If an animal is kept intact for any purpose, the owner of the animal shall be required to annually obtain a permit from the City to possess an animal that is not spayed or neutered. The permit shall be obtain for FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.00) and shall be issued or renewed only if the City determines that the following conditions have been met.

1. The animal is examined regularly by a licensed veterinarian.

2. The animal is vaccinated annually for rabies and other common diseases.

3. The animal is housed properly.

4. The owner has not been in violation of other animal-related ordinances or State laws in the past 24 months.

c. If an animal is temporarily in the City to participate in a show or event sponsored by a non-profit, sanctioned animal organization.

d. If an animal is owned, possessed or kept in the City for fewer than thirty (30) days in a one (1) year period. However, the owner must show proof of ownership and residency in a town other than the City with a valid, up-to-date dog or cat (if applicable) license and/or other such documentation.

Section 3: In the event of intentional or accidental breeding, the entire litter shall be turned over after weaning (8 weeks) to a City - approved humane society / animal shelter. The adult animal shall be spayed within ten (10) weeks after the birth of the litter.

Section 4: Any person who violates this ordinance shall be subject to punishments as outlined in the Code of the City of Camden adopted 1985.

Section 5: The permits authorized under this ordinance shall be issued by the Municipal Clerk who shall investigate and determine that all criteria have been met.

Section 6: All ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed as to such inconsistency only.

Section 7: This ordinance shall take effect twenty (20) days after final passage and publication as provided by law

Dated: April 11, 1996
First reading: April 11, 1996
Second reading: April 25, 1996
Adopted: April 25, 1996