(June 18 ....can someone get me updates on any of the follow issues?)JAN COOPER

NEW JERSEY: CLIFTON, HIGHLAND PARK and WEST NEW YORK: still have BREED-SPECIFIC laws that need to be repealed? this is VERY important folks, though these towns do not enforce these laws what happens when other elected officials come in ....?

If you get additional information let ME know so that I amy also share it here!

Updated: 6/18/98 (thanks for info to Kelly

EAster) MILLVILLE: Well folks, apparently since the weight issue did not make it last year, the city is still determined to introduce a breed-specific ordinance in that will effectively restrict/ban certain breeds. The latest is:
They are now considering defining ANY American Pit Bull Terrier, St. Francis Terrier , Bull Terrier and any mixed breed that has at least 50% of one of the above in it as an inherently dangerous dog....

You may contact
James F. Quinn, Mayor
I have some sample letters of which you may freely use located at: