The Netherlands (Holland)

[Update!] January, 2000
Taxes planned or in place:

1st dog, $100
2nd dog, $200
3rd dog, $300
4 or more, $400
There is also news of possibly making dogs a tax object and taxed at $10/kg, which is not directly breed-specific, but discrimination on those who own larger dogs.

updated: March 19, 1999
A Special Thanks to Tonia for the following information

"Pit bulls" have been banned in the Netherlands since 1993.

The proposal was passed during the week of March 18th, 1999...now the five breeds of dogs that are deemed 'dangerous'

Listed are:

American Staffordshire Terrier
Fila Brasiliero
Dogo Argentino
Mastino Napolitano/Neopolitan Mastiff
will be required to pass a test not unlike the following

The test consists of 43 parts, ranging from a plastic hand messing with the dogs' food bowl to someone - again with the plastic hand - harrassing the dogs' owner.

Being subjected to a test like this might well do a dogs'character some harm... A dog is 'allowed' six bites during the course of the test..."

If someone can get me a copy of the law with a good translation into english, I will share it here...