Guilford County, North Carolina June 27, 1998

NOTICE!! Guilford County Commissioners, Who have a breed specific resolution regarding certain breeds of dogs as dangerous, has just disbanded their Animal Services Advisory Board.

The Animal Services Advisory Board was on the brink of bringing back to the Commissioners as requested, their proposal regarding this resolution.

The proposal of the Advisory Board was going to read that Responsible Pet Ownership was the way to go, along with tightening the leash laws and other ordinances, and included instituting a first offender program to help educate pet owners who otherwise might not get help.

They were not going to recommend breed specific legislation...


Can someone get me the list of Breeds on the current Resolution including names and contact info of the County Commissioners? jan

(DATED: June 29th)
"Most of the Commissioners on this Board do not seem to care that much about animals;
by disbanding the Board, they threw out the 100% spay neuter policy was put into place at the Shelter, which would have reduced the 11,000 plus animals each year that are killed there.
They passed a budget that reduced the medical supplies for those animals by $8,000 approx. yet they are predicting 15,000 coming through the shelter. With no spay neuter policy in place, the killing rate will go sky high. If there's not a lot of interest, they just might pass that resolution. You can request a copy of the resolution from the Comm. office at 336-373-3351."