Memphis Missouri...
In "oh so typical" knee-jerk reaction style, Memphis falls in with other Missouri towns in believing that restricting or banning a breed of dog will make it "all better".
I guess I am amazed at that reasoning that keeps popping up...
Guess I should approach MY Council and ask them to ban red cars...I saw one clip a pedestrian the other day on main street, and following the reasoning of elected officials in the town of Memphis.. we need to call for a ban on THE CAR!!!
A dog (a mutt..but hey...you know the drill folks...it is a PIT BULL MIX) escaped confinement and bit a woman. Soooo...the dog will be "forced to leave" thier fair town (which makes NO sense-officials? Hey? what makes it OK for a dog that bites to go to the neighbors town?) And then after getting that darn dog outa town...guess what? They are coming after everyone elses dogs who were at HOME when this dog was biting!!!!
sigh...so tiring, this lack of logic.
Tiring to you, as well?
Please contact the City officials at the following fax number, or better yet? SNAIL MAIL this town!!!!
Council meets on September 7th.

Memphis City Hall
135 South Main Street
Memphis, MO 63555
(660) 465-7285
(660) 465-7342(fax)