UPDATE 5-22-06
Springfield city clerk is tallying the number of signatures on a petition seeking to
repeal Springfield's pit bull ordinance. The office received an estimated 2,400 signatures,
many of which were submitted shortly before the 5 p.m. Wednesday deadline.
Under the city charter, an ordinance can be repealed and put on a ballot if at least
10 percent of registered voters who voted in the last mayoral election sign and
submit a formal petition within 30 days of a City Council vote to approve the ordinance
The clerk's office has 20 days to verify the 1,392 signatures needed to certify the petition

UPDATE 4-28-06

We just had our meeting of concerned citizens tonight
and petitions are now in circulation.
We need to gather 1,400 signatures by May 8th.
People can contact Jessica Caulkins at 417-894-5834,
Beau Graves at 417-268-8989,
or All Creatures Pet Hospital at 417-865-5367
for information on where they can find a petition to sign.
Additionally, we will be out next weekend at the Arts
Fest gathering signatures.
Time is of the essence.
Beau Graves

To view the new ordinance go to The Springfield Health Links

APRIL 17th
Despite heavy opposition at the last meeting-35 people speaking against
the ban and three Council members voting against the ban AND a dangerous
Dog Task Force working for a year and recommmending AGAINST a ban the city
goes against all logic and passes a ban anyway on April 17th
All pit bull owners will be required to:
*Register their dogs with the city, for a $50 annual fee.
Registration comes only for fixed dogs with:
A)Proof of rabies shots
B)Microchip identification.
Only certified show dogs are exempt from spaying and neutering requirements.
*Are to be "confined" while at their homes - which must have warning signs
posted at every entrance
*Caged or leashed and muzzled while in public.
This will include all dogs with American Pit Bull Terrier, American Straffordshire
Terrier or Straffordshire Bull Terrier traits
Mary Collette voted NO
Congrad Griggs vote YES
Sheila Wright voted NO
John Wylie voted NO
Thomas Carlson YES
Denny Whayne YES
Ralph Manley YES
Gary Deaver YES
Bob Jones YES

The council will resume discussion proposed pit bull ordinance at its April 17 meeting
and could vote on the bill.
Last vote 54 to 1 opposing BSL,
It's clear what the citizens of Springfield think.
Let's see if the city council chooses yet again to ignore the advice of
professionals who were on the original non-breed specific vicious dog
committee along with Springfield public's opinion.
City Hall: 417-864-1651
Office: 417-864-7772 ext. 117
Fax: 417-864-1649
840 Boonville Ave. Springfield, MO 65802
email: CityCouncil@ci.springfield.mo.us

UPDATE 4-2-06
According to the papers this will have its FINAL VOTE TONIGHT, FOLKS!!!

UPDATE 2-25-06

RE: Meeting held on February 24th, 2006
How the Council weighed in:
Councilman John Wylie said he feels the proposal has merit. But waiting to see other information
Councilman Gary Deaver said he'd favor strengthening the city's vicious dog ordinance by addressing treatment of dogs.
Councilwoman Mary Collette asked why city staff had presented the committee with a pit bull ban after the citizen-staffed vicious dog committee had recommended against it.
Councilman Griggs said Friday he was ready to sponsor a bill prohibiting pit bulls from the city
Contact info is below!!!


The proposed ordinance would prohibit ownership of American pit bull terriers, American
Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers or any dog displaying
the majority of characteristics of these breeds.

Exceptions would be granted to those who owned pit bulls before the ordinance was
approved, if they comply with the following. The dogs must be:

Registered with the city, every year, for a fee.

Vaccinated for rabies.

Identified by a collar tag.

Owned by a person at least 21.

Covered by a minimum $100,000 liability insurance policy.

Spayed or neutered.

Implanted with a microchip, showing the name and address of the owner.

Confined to a space the dog can not exit on its own.

Leashed and muzzled when away from the owner's property.

Declared on the owner's property with a sign reading "pit bull dog"
in 2-inch-tall letters.

In addition, if the ordinance is approved, pit bulls could no longer be bought or sold in
Springfield, nor could new dogs be brought into town. Pit bull puppies born in Springfield
would have to be removed by the time they were weaned or be turned over
to the city to be destroyed.

City Hall: 417-864-1651
Office: 417-860-7915
Fax: 417-864-1649
email for all Council Members: CityCouncil@ci.springfield.mo.us

John Wylie Office: 417-887-8022
Gary Deaver, GeneralOffice: 417-866-6463
Mary Collette, General Office: 417-839-0119
Conrad GriggsChair Office: 417-860-7915

UPDATE 1-10-2006

Meeting on this issue is ON THE AGENDA set for the 12th of January at 12:00
Public is welcome to attend, but may not have the option to speak. They will have packets available for those who attend this meeting with all information gathered so far. The Health Commision and other organizations have some info in this.


Karen (City Clerk) anticipates there will be several meetings of the plans and policies committee before this goes to Council.
PLEASE only polite and informative letters pointing out the benefits of good strong dangerous dog laws
as alternative to BSL.
City Hall: 417-864-1651
Office: 417-864-7772 ext. 117
Fax: 417-864-1649
840 Boonville Ave. Springfield, MO 65802
email: CityCouncil@ci.springfield.mo.us
Mayor Thomas J. Carlson
Denny Whayne
Shelia O. Wright
Ralph K. Manley
John Wylie
Mary Collett
Gary Deaver
Conrad Griggs
Bob Jones

November 30,2005

Springfield Missouri
UPDATE DECEMBER 9,2005 This is not on any agenda as of todays broadcast. If it should be added to next agenda the information will be posted as soon as recieved!

Many cities are considering bans on pit bulls, according to Boyer, and Springfield is no exception.
The city council is set to meet sometime in December to discuss this issue that might lead to a ban like the one the city of Denver already has in place.
This meeting is set (tentatively) for the same day as a regular Council mtg. at 12:00 noon.
The public will be welcome to attend, but this will NOT be an open forum.