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There were no decisions made at the planning meeting in November. This is still on the table being discussed. Please continue with informative, polite letters/faxes and phone calls!

It has been heard that Aldermen want to limit the number of or even ban pit bulls, mastiffs and other dog varieties with locking jaws. Mayor Mark Fulks said Oak Grove needs such an ordinance. First-term Alderman Hank Melhorn, Ward 1 is bringing this ban to the table. He previously proposed an ordinance, and now cites three new incidents one of which he read "about a woman in Texas recently killed in a pit bull attack". There are several ways to go about this," Melhorn said Monday. "We're becoming more enlightened every day." Alderman Larry Moore, Ward 2, said if pit bulls are banned, what other breeds, such as terriers or German shepherds, must be included.

November 30, 2005
Oak Grove, MO is considering a pit bull ban. They are in the early stages of discussion.
There have been two unfortunate biting incidents with pit bull types recently, but there have been several other recent attacks by other breeds that have not made the news.
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