GLADSTONE, MISSOURI: Is now considering a proposal that will include the usual list of breeds commonly referred to as PIT BULLS along with

If anyone has any details on the proposed requirements please send them to me at leisa@rott-n-chatter.com

Meeting will be
January 22, 2007 and the agenda lists

9. FIRST READING BILL 07-03, amending Title II, Chapter 105 of the City Code of Ordinances regulating the care, keeping, and licensing of animals within the City of Gladstone.
this topic has apparently been under consideration since late November.

There is no indivual contact info for the council members, nowever you can call city manager's office and voice your concerns. This is opposition to this in their area so hopefully YOU can make an impact.
CITY MANAGER: (816) 436-2200

The meeting lasted over an hour discussing the BSL ....They had 1 plus hour of discussion on the proposal with public comment. No decision was made and it is not known whether this will be addressed at next Council on Feb 12th. The agenda will be ready on the 9th. I will keep you informed, if you have any additional information please let me know Leisa@rott-n-chatter.com