North Kansas City
considering a ban on pit bull breeds.
Councilman James Martino has asked city officials to investigate the matter and draft a proposed ordinance.
Martino said the recent attack on three men in Independence by pit bulls
and proposed pit bull bans in other cities prompted him to seek a ban in North Kansas City.

City of North Kansas City, Missouri
2010 Howell Street
North Kansas City, MO. 64116
Email: cityhall@nkc.org
City Clerk Marsha Wilson mawilson@nkc.org
(816) 274-6000
Mayor - Gene Bruns
Ward 1
Merle Walker & Jim Martino
Ward 2
Lisa Ronning & Elizabeth Hall
Ward 3
Chris Hertling & Joseph Koppe
Ward 4
Bettie Miller & Bill Biggerstaff


Please send polite, informative letters offering alternatives to BSL to Ms. Saxton
and ask that copies be delivered to Councilmembers.
Office of the City Council
Sheila Saxton Council Aide
Phone: (816)325-7022
Fax: (816)325-7012
E-mail: ssaxton@indepmo.org

6/9/06 According to a citizen who attended the last meeting the council is trying
to be as bipartisan as possible, and people were definitely responding to the
information about BSL being costly and ineffective, but it's entirely possible they will push BSL
because of the victims' stories that were heard by Council
The Council leader did say they looked very intensely
at the law recently passed in Springfield. And at the end of the meeting he reiterated,
we are going to give serious consideration to all this, the safety of the community is
our main concern

Missouri HB 1686

Thank you Abby for the following info!!
Representatives McGhee of District 122 (Cass, Johnson, Lafayette) and Maria
Chappelle-Nadal of District 44 (St. Louis) have a sponsored house bill 1686 requiring
pit bull registration and muzzling. (The notice is forwarded below.) Opposition
to breed specific legislation is not a top priority for some of you (while for pit bull
owners and lovers this is our worst nightmare). Overall this bill will wreck havoc
on all NMHP and animal welfare priorities. Enforcement of the bill will be through
the local animal control. Unregistered pit bulls will be held for up to 2 months.
This is going to clog up the entire shelter system. Thousands of dogs that
are pit bull type or have some characteristics of pit bull type dogs will be put down
(but of course this will not stop the underground puppy market). State officials
from the department of agriculture will be in charge of the licensing, probably
leading to less enforcement of puppy mills, etc. This is plain and simple
a waste of resources.

Probably the least expensive part of this bill, is the direct cost on pit bull owners
($500/per dog/per year) and indirect cost of the shame of having to register and
muzzle your beloved pet. Furthermore, this registration will probably lead home insurers
to drop most homeowners with pit bulls (similar to State Farm’s policy in Ohio and other
locales with BSL). Many people may be forced to choose between family dog and home.
I urge you to act now, so this bill is stopped in its tracks.

Send your representative an email and give them a call to oppose this bill. You might
also suggest that they look at sponsoring a breed neutral dangerous dog bill, like

Illinois’ Ryan Armstrong Law, http://www.geminiz.com/ArmstrongAct/ArmstrongAct.htm. Please realize that this bill (like local BSL) will create public
safety issues and will lead destruction of many other animals because of lack
of animal shelter space.

I will send out an email when this bill has moved beyond the introduction.

You can easily find who your representative is at
Or check out the map for all local representatives:

Thank you very much for your help on this.
Please contact me if you would like more information.
Abby York
My Dog Votes


Missouri Communities

Communities with breed specific proposals or study session on possible breed banning are as follows:

Jennings, Springfield, Bellfontaine and Oak Grove.

As meeting times become available they will be posted along with relevant information.