McComb Mississippi

Wants to ban pit bulls

City Hall
115 3rd St, McComb, 39648

I have had NO luck getting to speak with the Billy Hughes of the PD
who is in charge of this.
I am thinking this lack of response to my many messages can only mean trouble!!

If you live in or know someone who lives in McComb and is willing to actively oppose
this proposed BSL,. please contact
Linda Chance
Legislative Chair - Misissippi Canine Coalition, Inc.
lhasasbychance@ yahoo.com

Please send letters/faxes and emails of opposition along with alternatives to the following contacts!
sspears@mccomb-ms.gov is the general info-email
Ask that your info be given to the Mayor and each Councilmember

Mayor Thomas H. Walman
P.O. Box 667
McComb, MS 39649
Office: (601) 684-4000

Danny Esch Selectman Ward #1
Voting Precinct 1
National Guard Armory
319 West Street N
McComb, MS 39648

Robert M. Maddox Selectman Ward #2
Voting Precinct 2A
American Legion Hut
403 Lakeshore Drive
McComb, MS 39648

David W. MyersSelectman Ward #3
Voting Precinct 3
Harrell Temple Church
606 Live Oak Street N
McComb, MS 39648
Email: dwmyers98@yahoo.com

Melvin "Joe" Johnson Selectman Ward #4
Voting Precinct 4A
McComb Law
Enforcement Complex
501 Beech Street
McComb, MS 39648

Warren Ellis Gilmore Selectman Ward #5
Voting Precinct 5A
Martin Luther King Center
601 Martin Luther King Dr.
McComb, MS 39648

Email: wegilmore@hotmail.com