The vote to include the rottie in the "pit bull" ordinance did not pass. Actually, there was no formal vote as it was opposed by so many rottie owners that they tabled the discussion and Kathy received a letter from the Council president that the issue would be dropped. YES!!!


Chapter 4, Article II, Section 4-29 of the City Code of Ordinances

is hereby amended by adding the word "rottweiler" after the words "pit bull" or in the first sentance so it read as follows.

These are the changes that apparently the city council is to be voting on June 12.


Notwithstanding any licensing requirement to the contrary, no person shall own keep or harbor or allow to beupon any premises ocupied by him or under his control any dog or dog species known as "pit bull" or "rottweiler" without first obtaining a special permit therefor in the office of the City Clerk. An applicant for said permit shall pay a fee of $25.00 and said permit shall be valid for the life os said dog. No such dogs are allowed on any city playgrounds and within five hundred (500) feet of all playgrounds located in city parks, whether at large or under restraint.

The provisions of this permit procedure shall be enforced by the dog officer, any olice officer or parking supervisor of the city.

Any violation of this permit procedure shall authorize said enforcement official to impound said dog in accordance with the procedure outlined in this Article II and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in said Article II, the enforcement officer may issue a citation of offense to the violator under the provisions of sectioin 17-18, the ticketing ordinance in the sum of $300.00

There is also a written motion "That the New Bedford City Code Section 9-208, Sub-section 18, be amended by adding in the second sentance after the word "animal," the words "excepting dogs" and by adding a final sentence "There shall be no more than one dog per every 1000 square feet of open land." and another written motion "That the New Bedford City Code, Section 4-29 be amended by adding as a last paragraph - Definition "Pit Bull" shall mean Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier."

Animal control issues apparently are to be addressed to:

Jane Gonsalves, Chairman
76 Cottage Street,
New Bedford MA 02740;

Brian K. Gomes, Vice-Chairman,
66 Clara Street,
New Bedford MA 02744;

Citizen Members:

Kathy Dunn,

Mike Peters
Harvey Mickelson.

The Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs will do whatever can to fight this motion, you will have to spearhead the fight as a resident of New Bedford. For your information, the City of Springfield is currently rewriting their dog laws to drop all breed specific references and develop non breed specific vicious dog laws. It is a shame New Bedford doesn't see the wisdom of going in this direction. The direction they have chosen is a bandaid approach which penalizes responsible dog owners.