Proposed Ordinance

Ordinance O-46-98

Introduced by Alderman Carter

AN ORDINANCE concerning


FOR the purpose of defining pit bull terrier dogs; providing for the licensing of said dogs; providing for the penalties for violation; providing exceptions; and all matters relating to said dogs.

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BY adding new

Title 8 - Animals

Chapter 8.04 - Animal Control

Section 8.04.050

Code of the City of Annapolis

(1996 Edition and Supplement)

SECTION I: BE IT ESTABLISHED AND ORDAINED BY THE ANNAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL that the Code of the City of Annapolis shall read as follows:

Sec. 8.04.050 Pit Bull Terrier Dogs.

A. As used in and for the purposes of this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings assigned to them:

1. "Pit bull terrier" shall mean any and all of the following dogs:

a. Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dogs;

b. American staffordshire terrier breed of dogs;

c. American pit bull terrier breed of dogs;

d. Dogs which have been registered at any time as any of the specified breeds; and

e. Dogs which have the appearance of being predominantly of the breed of dogs known as Stafford Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or American Pit Bull Terrier. Predominantly shall mean that the dog exhibits the physical characteristics of a pit bull terrier more than of any breed of dog.

B. No person under twenty-five years of age shall own, keep or harbor a pit bull terrier within the City of Annapolis.

C. No person twenty-five years of age or older shall own, keep or harbor a pit bull terrier within the City of Annapolis except in conformance with the following conditions:

1. Within forty-eight hours after acquiring ownership or possession of the pit bull terrier, the person shall register the animal with the Annapolis Police Department. The person shall provide to the Annapolis Police Department such information as it may require, shall provide a photograph of the animal showing its size and color and shall pay a registration fee of one hundred dollars. The Annapolis Police Department will issue to the person, a tag which shall readily identify the animal as a registered pit bull terrier and a card identifying the person as the animal's owner.

2. At the time of registration of the pit bull terrier, the owner shall provide proof of liability insurance in a single incident amount of five hundred thousand dollars for bodily injury or death to any person or for damage to property owned by any persons which may result from the actions of such animals. In the event the liability insurance is canceled, lapsed, for any other reason becomes nonenforceable, the owner shall be in violation of the provisions of this section and subject to the penalties provided herein.

3. The tag issued under Subsection C.1. shall be attached to the pit bull terrier's collar and the collar and tag shall be worn by the animal at all times;

4. The owner shall carry the card issued under Subsection C.1. at all times and produce same upon request;

5. When unaccompanied by its owner, the pit bull terrier shall be kept within a building or a secure kennel. Whenever the animal is removed from the building or kennel, it shall be muzzled and secured by a leash or cage and maintained under control. In no case shall the animal be allowed to be outside of a building or secured kennel unless it is muzzled and securely restrained or caged;

6. The owners of a pit bull terrier must, within ten days of the incident, report in writing, the following information to the Annapolis Police Department:

a. the removal from the city or death of a registered pit bull terrier;

b. the birth of offspring of a registered pit bull terrier; or

c. the new address of the pit bull terrier owner should the owner move.

7. Offspring born of a pit bull terrier shall be registered with the Annapolis Police Department within six weeks of the birth of such animals.

D. The registration requirements of Section 8.04.050C shall not apply to:

1. A pit bull terrier in the City for not more than four consecutive days for the purpose of showing the animal in an AKC sanctioned exhibition, contest, or show. The sponsor of the exhibition or show shall provide to the Annapolis Police Department written notification of the time, place and nature of the event and shall provide protective measures to prevent pit bull terriers participating in the event from escaping or injuring people or other animals; or

2. A pit bull terrier owned by a governmental entity or by a licensed security service, provided the animal is trained and used to perform police, correctional, fire or search and rescue services.

E. A violation of any provision of this section is declared a municipal infraction and a fine two hundred fifty dollars for any single or initial violation and three hundred dollars for each repeat or continuing violation shall be assessed.

F. The provisions of this section shall apply in addition to and not in lieu of animal control provisions of the Anne Arundel County Code, including but not limited to provisions concerning the licensing of dogs, the impoundment of animals, standards for keeping dogs and the keeping, confinement and impoundment of vicious or potentially dangerous animals.

SECTION II: AND BE IT FURTHER ESTABLISHED AND ORDAINED BY THE ANNAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL that this Ordinance shall take effect from the date of its passage.

ADOPTED this ________ day of ______________________, 1998.




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