Fall River, Massachussetts

This can be passed on second reading on the 15th of August!!! PLease write, call and make appointments to visit with the Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7-13-06

DESPITE cooperation from its local constituants, clear cut opposition to a ban and
outside offers of help in putting an ordinance in place that will truly keep its
residents safe, Falls River officials move ahead with the knee jerk, follow the rest of
the herd blindly attitude that a ban is the way to go. Not only that but they are so
nervous about it they have even named MYTHICAL breeds in their proposal!!! Constitutionality
and common sense be darned, I guess.
Please write and give the good city alternatives that speak to the real issue of irresponsible PEOPLE!!!!!
Mayor Edward M. Lambert, Jr. Mayor@fallriverma.org
Council Email is : city_council@fallriverma.org
Councilmembers should be called to make sure they are recieving the information
you are sending them via the Mayor and Clerk, PLEASE! YES the numbers are the same..
..but calling for one wont keep those lines tied up now will it? Each
Councilmember is equally important and should recieve calls from concerned
citizens regarding an issue which threatens the right to own thier pets.
William F. Whitty 508-324-2232
Linda M. Pereira 508-324-2232
Leo O. Pelletier 508-324-2232
Bradford L. Kilby 508-324-2232
Raymond E. Hague 508-324-2232
Patricia A. Casey 508-324-2232
Alfredo P. Alves 508-324-2232
Joseph D. Camara 508-324-2232
Thomas Kozak 508-324-2232

Is proposing an ordinance to BAN
'pit bulls' Am Staff's, Staffy Bulls, APBT, Bull Terriers and Rottweilers
The City Council will be holding a meeting to vote on this proposal is
July 11, 7:00 pm
1 Government Center - 2nd Floor
Fall River, MA 02722
Info for Mayor and Councilmembers
Bradford L. Kilby, Raymond E. Hague, Patricia A. Casey, Alfredo P. Alves, Joseph D. Camara, Thomas Kozak, Leo O. Pelletier, Linda M. Pereira, William F. Whitty
may be sent to Claudette at

Again when you make your call or send your letter to the above...
be sure to be professional.
Sample letters may be found at : Rott-Chatter
These lawmakers get enough rude comments and usually see the bad side of the dog fancy,
let us present the better side of our breed.


Fall River MA

A resolution sponsored by three city councilors would regulate the existence of pit bulls and Rottweilers in the city.

The ordinance, as proposed by Council President William F. Whitty and councilors Patricia Casey and Thomas Kozak, is being established "because of the perceived and demonstrated danger to life, health and safety of humans and animals posed by so-called pit bull dogs and Rottweilers."

Hello? Can we say lets place the responsibility on the OWNERS of ALL dogs, regardless of breed?

Whitty (Council President) said he looked at and researched other ordinances in towns and cities, as far away as Miami and locally, and the fact that cities and towns in the area are enacting these ordinances warrants our doing this. Also, Whitty reportedly said that the two breeds are different than others. They're known as killer canines, they don't bite, they kill and maim, so he wants to come up with something that is strict, tough and very enforceable.

Hmmmm...how about a dangerous dog law that protects people from ALL dangerous dogs and hold owners fully responsible for the actions of thier dogs? What a novel idea?!

Please send informative alternatives to BSL in an educational and professional manner to the Councilmembers in C/O the City Clerk city_clerks@fallriverma.org
AND a CC to Mayor Edward M. Lambert, Jr Mayor@fallriverma.org
Councilor Alfredo P. Alves,
Councilor Joseph D. Camara,
Councilor Patricia A. Casey,
Councilor Raymond E. Hague,
Councilor Bradford L. Kilby,
Councilor Thomas Kozak,
Councilor Leo O. Pelletier,
Councilor Linda M. Pereira,
City Council President William F. Whitty