November 30, 2005

New Haven Kentucky

The city of New Haven is considering tighter restrictions on pit bull owners. Linda (City Clerk) states the Commission will be meeting on the 18th of December @ 6:00 pm (THIS IS A SUNDAY)
They will be updating their ordinance to be as strong as the County which is a dangerous dog law.
She also stated that they MAY decide to go breed specific, and that it is an emotional issue at this time.
She encouraged people to attend the meeting.
If you are writing (address to Commissioners)…PLEASE PLEASE BE NICE.
This was a pleasant phone conversation in which she encouraged information to be sent.
Lets NOT blow it by being unpleasant in our correspondence.
I feel like a nag, but I speak with Council members and City Clerks every week and THEY DO GET RUDE MAIL FROM PIT BULL PEOPLE.
Please pass that on to everyone you know fighting this fight…BE KIND, PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS.
City Hall
302 Center St
New Haven, KY 40051-6300
Phone: (502) 549-3177