january 5, 2006

Milton Kentucky

Lets send some positive alternatives that will benefit the community of Milton!


Commissioner Denny Jackson wants more restrictions for owners of rottweilers and pit
bulls. Jackson feels those two breeds of dogs are the root of the attack issues in Milton.
Its not like we are after all dogs, Jackson said. I just have a problem with pit bulls.
Jackson, who owns a basset hound, said he is afraid of pitbulls and rottweilers
and worries about children being harmed.
"A pit bull is a time bomb, Jackson said.
The commission looked into what other cities across the nation have in place as more and
more local governments are passing dog-related ordinances.
I dont like dogs that have reputations of being vicious, commissioner Jerry Harmon said.
City Clerk Shannon Hoskins
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Mayor Donnie Oakley
City Commisioners
Denny Jackson
Gerald Owen
Jerry Harmon
Steve Brierly
The Milton City Commission holds its regular monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month.
Meetings are held in the Milton Municipal Building meeting room at 7pm.