UPDATE 6/19/06

Louisville, KY
Next meeting is on Monday 26, 2006 at 12:00 - 2:00pm First Fuller Conference Room City Hall

For further info contact ARC Liaison Karen

5-22-06 From meeting May 8th according to Karen B There are still a lot of problems with the
ordinance--mostly existing problems, although some are issues that have been added.
The definition of dangerous animal is too broad, the definition of circus is too broad.
They have also changed the wording to require everyone wanting to sell a pet to have an
Animal Dealer's license and to forbid litters of more than 2 puppies you can't sell
more than two puppies out of a litter There was also several voted in that
are against BSL in the elections-so will keep the site updated on the elections
as they come in. - for a more detailed account contact K Brinkley


For further info contact ARC Liaison Karen
Next meeting is from noon to 2 p.m. on Monday, May 8th at City Hall.
The meetings have been held on the 1st floor.
It would be great if everyone would e-mail and encourage Ms. Hamilton
to appoint a member of the Kentucky Houndsmen Association and the
Kentucky Sportsmen Association to the task force as their interests are not
currently being represented. Please copy all requests to James Peden
(chair of the Gov't Rules committee which will consider the task force's
recommendations). Cheri Hamilton cheri.hamilton@louisvilleky.gov phone: 502-574-1105
James Peden james.peden@louisvilleky.gov phone: 502-574-1123

The next scheduled task force meeting is April 24th from noon to 2 p.m. at city hall.
Upcoming Metro Council race
Running against Woolridge (the sponsor of the breed specific proposal)for 3rd District
is Sharon Dummitt, a three “bully” owner!!!
Please see that any friends and family
in this area SUPPORT and cast their vote on May 16th for Ms. Dummitt!!!
Running against the PRO-BSL Cherie Hamilton for the 5th district seat
is John Owen (ANTI-BSL) who’s contact info is
427 N. 22nd Street, Louisville, KY 40212;
phone is 290-9257.
We also have a PRO-DOG Betty Drexler running against PRO BSL Dan Johnson,
who is a sponsor of the Louisville BSL proposal.
This is for District 21.
Please do all you can to help support these three in the upcoming election!
Donations of support may be mailed to the addresses listed.
Lets get these folks into office and show that RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS hold the key to elections!!!!!

UPDATE 3/8/2006

Thanks to Karen for keeping us all updated!!!

Full council meets tomorrow, 3/9/06 at 6 p.m. in 3rd Floor Chambers at
City Hall.
See attached review of dog ordinance by County Attorney below. One
problem with the review: we DO NOT want the Land Development Code
changed to allow these much stricter kennel requirements for hobby breeders.
Next Gov't Administration, Ethics, Rules & Audit Committee meeting is
3/13/06 at 4 p.m. in 3rd Floor Chambers at City Hall. Cheri Bryant Hamilton says the first meeting of the workgroup which will make
recommendations re the animal control ordinance, will be at 10 a.m. on Monday,
3/13/06, 3rd Floor Chambers, City Hall.

The Gov't
Admin. committee is supposed to keep the animal control ordinance
tabled until the workgroup reports back.
Meanwhile, another ordinance is also on the table which will create a
more permanent Advisory Board for Animal Control. We support the
Advisory board ordinance, although we would like to see more canine experts on
that board.
Review of dog ordinance by County Attorney Review

UPDATE 2-23-06
Committee meeting scheduled for
Monday, Feb. 27th at 4 p.m.
in 3rd floor chambers at City Hall. (601 W. Jefferson St.)
The LKC is asking everyone who can to please attend and wear the red shirts
that were given out last time.

The LKC is also supporting Kelly Downard for mayor, as he has been an enormous help on fighting both BSL and Meloche's ordinance.
They are asking everyone to support him with campaign donations that may be sent to
Kelly Downard for Mayor
P.O. Box 7454
Louisville, KY 40257-9904
Donations must include name, spouse's name, address, occupation/retired.

Louisville, Kentucky

A Dangerous Dog ordinance is needed that is not breed-specific, but does "empower neighbors" and encourage spaying and neutering of pets which "decreases aggressiveness"

Next meeting is

Tuesday, February 23, 2006 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
at the Newburg Gov't Center,
4810 Exeter Avenue,

Please attend if you can!

Mayor Jerry Abramson mayor@loukymetro.org

Leonard A. Watkins
Council District 1
Dr. Barbara Shanklin
Metro Council President
District 2
Phone: 502.574.1102
Email: barbara.shanklin@loukymetro.org
Mary C. Woolridge
Council District 3
Phone: 502.574.1103
Email: mary.woolridge@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Sharron Brown
Phone: 502.574.3452
Email: sharron.brown@loukymetro.org
David W. Tandy
Council District 4
Phone: 502.574.1104
Email: david.tandy@loukymetro.org
Rob Haynes
Phone: 502.574.3453
Email: rob.haynes@loukymetro.org
Cheri Bryant Hamilton
Council District 5
Phone: 502.574.1105
Email: cheri.hamilton@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Myra Friend Ellis
Phone: 502.574.3907
Email: myra.ellis@loukymetro.org
George Unseld
Council District 6
Phone: 502.574.1106
Email: george.unseld@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Donna Sanders
Phone: 502.574.3915
Email: donna.sanders@loukymetro.org
Kenneth C. Fleming
Council District 7
Phone: 502.574.1107
Email: ken.fleming@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Jennifer Osborne
Phone: 502.574.3454
Email: jennifer.osborne@loukymetro.org
Tom Owen
Council District 8
Phone: 502.574.1108
Email: tom.owen@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Karen Voyer
Phone: 502.574.3455
Email: karen.voyer@loukymetro.org
Tina Ward-Pugh
Council District 9
Phone: 502.574.1109
Email: tina.ward-pugh@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Mary Rose Beyerle
Phone: 502.574.3908
Email: maryrose.beyerle@loukymetro.org
Jim King
Council District 10
Phone: 502.574.1110
Email: Jim.King@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Rob Holtzmann
Phone: 502.574.3855
Email: Rob.Holtzmann@loukymetro.org
Kevin Kramer
Council District 11
Phone: 502.574.1111
Email: kevin.kramer@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Graham Honaker
Phone: 502.574.3456
Email: graham.honaker@loukymetro.org
Rick Blackwell
Council District 12
Phone: 502.574.1112
Assistant: Jenny Parris
Phone: 502.574.3457
Email: jenny.parris@loukymetro.org
Ron Weston
Council District 13
Phone: 502.574.1113
Email: ron.weston@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Steve Clark
Phone: 502.574.3458
Email: steve.clark@loukymetro.org
Robert Henderson
Council District 14
Phone: 502.574.1114
Email: bob.henderson@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Larry Mattingly
Phone: 502.574.3459
Email: larry.mattingly@loukymetro.org
George Melton
Council District 15
Phone: 502.574.1115
Email: george.melton@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Kevin Triplett
Phone: 502.574.3918
Email: kevin.triplett@loukymetro.org
Kelly Downard
Council District 16
Phone: 502.574.1116
Assistant: Debbie Carroll
Phone: 502.574.3461
Email: debbie.carroll@loukymetro.org
Glen Stuckel
Council District 17
Phone: 502.574.1117
Email: glen.stuckel@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Kip Eatherly
Phone: 502.574.3462
Email: kip.eatherly@loukymetro.org
Julie Raque Adams
Council District 18
Phone: 502.574.1118
Email: julie.adams@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Ellen Reitmeyer
Phone: 502.574.3463
Email: ellen.reitmeyer@loukymetro.org
Hal Heiner
Council District 19
Phone: 502.574.1119
Assistant: Stephen Ott
Phone: 502.574.3464
Email: stephen.ott@loukymetro.org
Stuart Benson
Council District 20
Phone: 502.574.1120
Email: stuart.benson@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Angela Webster
Phone: 502.574.3465
Email: angela.webster@loukymetro.org
Dan Johnson
Council District 21
Phone: 502.574.1121
Email: dan.johnson@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Ray Manley
Phone: 502.574.3090
Email: ray.manley@loukymetro.org
Robin Engel
Council District 22
Phone: 502.574.1122
Email: robin.engel@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Monica Hodge
Phone: 502.574.3467
Email: monica.hodge@loukymetro.org
James Peden
Council District 23
Phone: 502.574.1123
Email: james.peden@loukymetro.org
Assistant: John N. Torsky, III
Phone: 502.574.3468
Email: john.torsky@loukymetro.org
Madonna Flood
Council District 24
Phone: 502.574.1124
Email: madonna.flood@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Pat Zimmerman
Phone: 502.574.3469
Email: pata.zimmerman@loukymetro.org
Doug Hawkins
Council District 25
Phone: 502.574.1125
Email: doug.hawkins@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Scott Harrington
Phone: 502.574.3471
Email: scott.harrington@loukymetro.org
Ellen Call
Council District 26
Phone: 502.574.1126
Email: ellen.call@loukymetro.org
Assistant: Leah Pepper
Phone: 502.574.347
2 Email: leah.pepper@loukymetro.org
David Nicholson, Director
514 West Liberty Street
Suite 106
Louisville, KY 40202
Fax: 502-574-5299
EMail: crime@loukymetro.org
Jefferson County Attorney
600 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Fax: 502-574-5366
Code EnforcementAdministrative Coordinator Bonnie McGrath
Dr. Gilles Meloche, Director
Animal Care Center
3705 Manslick Road
Louisville, KY 40215
Administration Office Phone: 502-361-1318
E-mail questions/concerns: animals@loukymetro.org

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