Thank you Jenn and Karen for this info!!

Just to clarify WHO to contact on this, this is a KY State House Bill, you should
contact your state representative AND your state senator. If you are not sure who they
are, you can go to www.louisvilleky.gov and input your zip code. It will tell you who
all your government officials are for your area. This is very important move against BSL.

Another link for Kentuckians to enter their address and find out their representative and senator is
After you enter your addy, the page that comes up will tell you where to vote.
Go to the top of the page, about the middle and it will say "contact state legislators."
Click that button and you will get the names and e-mail addys of state reps.

Bill Number: HB 733(BR-2128)
Title: AN ACT relating to homeowner's insurance. Sponsor(s): Palumbo , Ruth Ann

Current Status: introduced in House
In House
Summary: Create a new section of Subtitle 20 of KRS Chapter 304 to prohibit an insurer
from refusing to issue or renew a homeowner's insurance policy based upon a breed
of dog owned by the applicant or insured; permit the insurer to consider the breed
of dog in setting rates if the rate charged is supported by actuarial data regarding the
risk of loss posed by the particular breed; require the insurer to offer a
discount for a breed of dog for which it charges a higher rate if the dog has passed
the test for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification; provide
that nothing in this section limits the ability of an insurer to refuse to issue or
renew a homeowner's policy, or to charge rates, based upon the history of an individual dog.
There are No Amendments for this Bill.
Monday, February 27, 2006 - introduced in House