Congratulations to Olathe officials
for doing the right thing and strengthening dangerous dog laws already in place and
turning thier backs on BSL!!No official vote was taken Tuesday night, but through the
discussion council members said that they would prefer to see several minor
changes to licensing and notification procedures in the existing dog ordinance rather
than a ban. Last year, the council also considered banning pit bulls, but settled
on the comprehensive ordinance and penalty system for owners whose dogs become
aggressive or bite.


Agenda for the 10th was just posted.
This IS on the agenda.
And it is NOT GOOD folks!
I have copied and pasted agenda doc. here.
Contact info for Olathe is below the agenda.
Please take the time to contact these officials!
Department: Olathe Police Department/Legal                     Council Meeting Date:  October 10, 2006
Staff Contact: Robin Pritzel/Tom Glinstra
Subject:  Discussion of dangerous animal ordinance
Executive Summary:  Public Safety and the relationship between people and dangerous dogs continue to be an issue generating much controversy and concern.  Staff understands the sensitivity and fear that have been generated by the pit bull issue.  This discussion presentation is in direct response to that concern.  
The presentation contains four major components to assist in the discussion:
Part 1- Provides information concerning the current status of Kansas City Metro area cities and their ordinances relating to pit bull banning or restrictions.
Part 2- The current dangerous/vicious dog ordinance and the statistical data relating to the ordinance since adoption in November of 2005:
"         Number of licensed dogs/number of pit bulls licensed;
"         Number of dog bites/number of bites involving pit bulls;
"         Number of dangerous dog hearings/number of dangerous dog hearings involving pit bulls. 
Part 3- Three legislative options for consideration:
"         Option 1- Existing behavior based dangerous/vicious dog ordinance and (1) gives Municipal Court the authority to notify other municipalities when a declared dangerous dog is moved from the City of Olathe, (2) adds an anti-tethering component and (3) prohibits "dangerous dogs" from being relocated to the City of Olathe.
"         Option 2- Utilizes Option 1 and declares the pit bull breed by definition as dangerous and mandates the owner meet the requirements currently established for dangerous dogs.
"         Option 3- Utilizes Option 1 and Option 2 and bans "new" pit bulls as of ______ (date to be determined), grandfathers existing registered pit bulls, declares grandfathered pit bulls as dangerous and mandates the owner meet the requirements currently established for dangerous dogs.
Part 4- Fiscal impact associated with the above listed options.
Fiscal Impact: Staff believes impacts will occur with each of the options.  Reports will be submitted to Council on a quarterly basis documenting these impacts.  Adjustments to internal budgets or business practices may be necessary to address these impacts.  
Recommendations/ Options/Action Requested: Discuss and provide direction to Staff on the dangerous dog amendment proposals.
Attachments:  Exhibit 1 - Power Point presentation
                          Exhibit 2 - Current dangerous/vicious dog ordinance section 8.02.020
                         Exhibit 3 - Option 1 (Existing ordinance with additional provisions)
                          Exhibit 4 - Option 2 (Utilizes Option 1 and adds pit bull restrictions)
                         Exhibit 5 - Option 3 (Utilizes Option 1, Option 2 and adds pit bull banning)  te: forwarded message attached.
Olathe Kansas

Council will be discussing their ordinance again in Oct. It is supposed to be a review of the ordinance from last year, but the two city councilmembers that were pro-ban this year said they will be proposing legislation again.

Mayor Michael Copeland Term: 4/03 - 4/07 913-971-8500 mcopeland@olatheks.org
Beverly Wittenborn Ward 1 Term: 4/03 - 4/07 913-269-6302 bwittenborn@olatheks.org
Jim Randall Ward 2 and Mayor Pro Tem Term: 4/03 - 4/07 913-522-2729 jrandall@olatheks.org
Kathleen Huttmann Ward 3 Term: 4/03 - 4/09 913-269-6360 khuttmann@olatheks.org
Marge Vogt Ward 4 Term: 4/03 - 4/09 913-269-0625 mvogt@olatheks.org
Bob Montgomery At Large Term: 4/01 - 4/09 913-980-8278 bmontgomery@olatheks.org
John Bacon At Large Term: 4/03 - 4/07 913-269-6305 jbacon@olatheks.org

jbacon@olatheks.org,bmontgomery@olatheks.org,mvogt@olatheks.org, khuttmann@olatheks.org,jrandall@olatheks.org,bwittenborn@olatheks.org, mcopeland@olatheks.org