July 7, 2007

Manhattan, Kansas

Rumor has it that Manhattan City Commissioners are considering ONCE AGAIN to incorporate BSL but they have not indicated publicly what breed/s they are considering. ALong with this consideration would be the mandating of all dogs under this category that are grandfathered in would be required to wear muzzles.

Please draft a polite note to the city and request additional information and let them know that if there is a problem within their city that there are excellent alternatives to banning or restricting specific breeds. The most important factor being is that all dogs bite and that bites are usually a reflection on the owner.

City Offices:
City of Manhattan 1101 Poyntz Avenue Manhattan, Kansas 66502 785-587-2489 Ron R. Fehr, City Manager 785-587-2404 fehr@ci.manhattan.ks.us Tom Phillips - Mayor phillips@ci.manhattan.ks.us Mark Hatesohl - Mayor, Pro Tem hatesohl@ci.manhattan.ks.us Bob Strawn - City Commissioner strawn@ci.manhattan.ks.us Bruce Snead - City Commissioner snead@ci.manhattan.ks.us James Sherow - City Commissioner sherow@ci.manhattan.ks.us To email all Commisioners, please use the following address: City_Commission@ci.manhattan.ks.us