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-The City Commission is considering amending its dangerous dog or "pit bull" ordinance to ionclude also the BANNING of ROTTWEILERS

The commissioners discussed several ways on how the dog ordinance should be changed and enforced. City Attorney Terry Solander offered commissioners several different proposals:

limiting specific breeds or size,
banning certain breeds,
a surcharge for licensing larger dogs or
inspecting larger dogs' pens.

"We could go so far as selling licenses to the dog owners," said Solander.
Someone noted that size shouldn't be the only criteria; some small dogs are vicious as big ones. "The chances of an ankle-biter inflicting a fatal wound isn't as great as a 125-pound dog," Solander replied.

Angela Milesell, who owns Rottweiler/mix owner, said in an phone interview that she opposes a blanket ban-of Rottweilers.
I think they should go animal by animal," Mikesell said. "They shouldn't pick on any certain breed" 'She said her own dog has a good disposition and is great with kids, The dog will "lick their faces," Mikesell said. The city should treat all dogs as a whole and not just by breed, she said. "All dogs big or small should be confined, "she said.

The commissioners decided to discuss this further during a work session at

5:15 p.m. Sept. 16.

The commission can take no action at work sessions and the matter would have to be scheduled again for a formal meeting.
The city has 17 licensed Rottweilers.

If someone can get me the names address etc of those on the Commission I shall post them here so that folks can respond with their comments.

You may e-mail the city commission at: