MAY 20, 1998 City of Inman, Kansas: Passed an ordinance

pit bulls
or any other breed with a propensity
towards viciousness
(whatever that is supposed to mean).

This law was rushedthru at record
speed after a woman and her husband had applied
for a fence permit for their Rottweiler.
After lots of 'delays' about the fence the couple was toldtwo days before the hearing
that they had been given the wrong forms and that they would have to
postpone until the next council meeting. It was at that council meeting
(the orginal date for permit review) that the council suddenly brought
up the vicious dog proposal. What a dirty trick!

New legislation apparently requires proof of $100,000 in liability insurance.

(If any of you can possibly get a copy of this new ordinance please send me makes no sense to BAN and yet require the liability insurance.....DUH...but then not many of these type of laws makes much sense anyway...sigh) aware and know your city council's agenda!!!!