June 12,2003


American Canine Foundation sues Ottumwa Iowa for breed ban ! On June 10, 2003 ACF signed a petition for damages against the city of Ottumwa Iowa for 1 million dollars. There are several Plaintiffs named and ACF cited violations of the 5th, 8th and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. We expect to prevail, Ottumwa passed a breed ban and has been ordering the American Pit Bull Terrier to be seized or removed from the city. Repsonsible dog owners have been forced to give up their property without compensation and face criminal charges.

Two of the Plaintiffs named in the lawsuit testiŽed at a Temporary Injunction hearing and after the hearing Ottumwa police took revenge and went after their Pit Bulls, even after the judge ordered the city can't identify Pit Bulls. Ottumwa had no rational basis to pass a selective law against US Citizens. ACF will be issuing national press releases on breed discrimination this week. Along with this lawsuit ACF is looking into suing over insurance discrimination. If needed we will proceed to federal court to stop breed discrimination.

ACF has set up a fund to pay for expert witness testimony for constitutional challenges, several cases have been recently won with ACF assistance and we need funding to defend your rights to own dogs and to stop BSL. You can send donations via Pay Pal to legislation2003@hotmail.com

for additional information contact:
Board of Directors American Canine Foundation
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