Updated: 3/10/00

Lockridge, Iowa

There is a little community/city named Lockridge, Iowa that BANS pit bull terriers and Rottweilers.

The definition of Dangerous Animals is:
"(1) Any animal which is not naturally tame or gentle, and which is of a wild nature or disposition, and which is capable of killing, inflicting serious injury upon or causing disease among, human beings or domestic animals and having known tendencies as a species to do so.

(2) Any animals declared to be dangerous by the city council.

(3) The following animals which shall be deemed to be dangerous animals per se:
a. lions, tiger, jaquars, leopards,..........
b Wolves, coyotes......
c Badgers......
d. Raccoons
and the list goes to finally add;

m. pit bull terrier
n. Rottweiler

The ordinance....goes on to BAN all of the aforementioned animals from its city limits! HOWEVER there is an exception for the pit bull which reads in part;

The owner a pit bull terrier shall be permitted to walk or exercise his/her pit bull terrier upon property ........(namely ONLY private property).... provided such pit bull terrier is secured on a leash of FOUR feet or shorter and shall be MUZZLED.

A family that is attempting to have their Rottweiler return to their home by challenging this ordinance and either getting it rescinded or rewritten. This dog is 6 years old and loving family member. This family was unaware of the ordinance when they moved into the area until they got a letter from the city that someone said they had a Rottweiler and that the dog had to be removed or be impounded. The family appealed in Nov/Dec 1999, and the appeal was denied. Their dog is now residing outside of the city limits...

FOLKS we need to help this family and get this absurd ordinance rescinded or amended... This is a very small city, and the council meets in the back of a metal building...their are no local offices only home phone numbers for the councilman. I think that the population is less than 500. Lockridge is located in Jefferson County Iowa.

The meetings are held at the Senior citizen side of the community building. Lockridge is located right off of HWY 34 10 miles west of Mt Pleasant, 11 miles east of Fairfield, about 50 miles from Iowa city, 30 miles east of Ottumwa.


Please send LETTERS , make PHONE CALLS and if you live ANYWHERE NEAR ATTEND THE MEETING!! A fellow rottweiler owner is in dire need of our help!!!! following is a list of council persons...if you write can you send a copy to:

Deb Kruse (the victim)
102 W Main
Lockridge, IA 52635


Lockridge City Council
PO Box 113
Lockridge, IA 52635

Ken McCarty
302 N Center
Lockridge, IA 52635

Council Members
Joan Calhoun
201 N 2nd
Lockridge, IA 52635

Thomas Gerleman
300 W Main
Lockridge, IA 52635

Deb Greiner
106 E Main
Lockridge, IA 52635

Larry Jannings
407 W Main
Lockridge, IA 52635

Mike Peiffer
200 W Main
Lockridge, IA 52635