Passed second reading on 7-17. third reading is August 7th...please write! 7-11-2006

The next meeting was set for Monday, July 17, at 5:30 p.m.
Owners of pit bulls and other "potentially dangerous dogs" will soon have some stiff
requirements if the pets are to remain living in the city of Humboldt.
On Wednesday night, July 5, the Humboldt City Council passed the first reading of a
comprehensive Animal Protection and Control ordinance.
The ordinance does not prevent anyone from tethering a dog.
Defined as a potentially dangerous dog are any dog that belongs to the following breeds:
American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, pit bull terrier,
mastiff, rotweiler,(papers spelling BTW) or any dog of mixed breed which contains a strain of such breeds,
or any dog that exhibits signs of aggression towards humans or pets without provocation.

Contact info is below....


Breed Specific is BACK IN...they are looking at requirements of "potentially dangerous breeds" ie leash length, confinement requirements...she said insurance was NOT mentioned. One thing about it, they are taking thier time and have been open to input and none of these proposals have actually been heard...so there is time. Next meeting is on the 5th of July at 5:30, and the new proposals should be available by the 3rd..I will get that posted up here should I get it.

5-22-06 UPDATE
From meeting on the 15th Humboldt appears to have given up on outright banning the breed
BUT are now looking at restrictions on breeds (undecided what breeds, also)
In a note from an official
"No new ordinance has been approved yet; the city
attorney is still gathering information and looking at options.
There may be something ready for our next council meeting, which is June 5th.
From the discussions that have taken place so far, the ordinance probably won't be
addressing specific breeds, but rather requirements for the owners of potentially
dangerous pets (including dogs). We should know more in a few weeks."
If you have not written yet, please do so and encourage them in their
efforts to find options other than BSL


Appears to still be looking at options other than BSL at this point.
If you have not written yet, please do so and encourage them in their efforts to find
options other than BSL
Next Council mtg is the 15th of May

City Attorney is NOW looking at anti-tethering for ALL breeds instead of banning
any breeds. There is a Council meeting this coming Monday, May 1st, but they may not
have a proposal drafted by that time, so they may not be voting on it at the meeting.
The BSL language is still in the proposals as they are looking at legislation
from other cities in Iowa (very few left WITHOUT BSL)
Keep writing, faxing and calling-please.

Proposing to ban pit bulls from town with no grandfather clause.
City of Humboldt
29 5th Street South
P.O. Box 529
Humboldt, IA 50548-0529
Phone Number: (515) 332-3435
Fax Number: (515) 332-1453
E-mail: cityhbt@ci.humboldt.ia.us
Council meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30
Steven N. Samuels, Mayor
Walter Jensen
John Sleiter
LeRoy Jorgenson
Darrell Rusher
Jim Vermeer
Lori Bennett-City Administrator in charge of this proposal