First meeting for the Commision to gather info brought 38 people out in opposition of the ban on pit bulls.


Davenport, Iowa is in the process of forming a Commission
which will look at banning pit bulls.
The Davenport Animal Commission is in charge so far.

The contact person is

Jackie Holecek
e-mail address


Craig Malin- City Administrator

Davenport City Hall

226 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
Phone: 563-326-7701
Fax: 563-328-6726

Council Members: (no email or phone numbers available at this time)

Jamie L. Howard-At Large

Steve Ahrens-At Large

Tom Engelmann-Eighth Ward

Barney Barnhill-Seventh Ward

Bob McGivern-Sixth Ward

Bill Lynn-Fifth Ward

Raymond A. Ambrose-Fourth Ward

Keith Meyer-Third Ward

Donna Bushek-Second Ward

Roxanna Moritz-First Ward