July 31, 2007

Hartford City, Indiana
Rumor is that the city wants to incorporate BSL and a Mandatory Spay and Neuter ordinance.

Janet Gilland

City Council Members:

Mr. Scott Confer
6 years on council and current President Pro Tem.
e-mail sconfer@hartfordcity.net
phone (765) 348-5531

Mr. Steve Justus
2 years on council
e-mail sjustus@hartfordcity.net
phone (765) 348-9858

Mr. Pete Wiggins
6 years on council
e-mail pwiggins@hartfordcity.net

Mr. Gerald Sills
2 years on council
e-mail gsills@hartfordcity.net
phone (765) 348-3295

Mr. John Adams
2 years on council
e-mail jadams@hartfordcity.net
phone (765) 348-1116