1. Warning signs must be posted on properties where pit bulls are confined.
2. Pit bull owners will have to supply the city with photographs of their dogs.
3. Owners also will be required to supply their own names, addresses, names of persons
"responsible for care and confinement" of the dogs and "method ... used to secure or restrain the animals."
4. Births of pit bull puppies must be reported, along with dog deaths and departures from
the city and new addresses of owners in the city.
5. Owners are also being required to prove they have dog liability insurance covering at
least $100,000 per person.
6. Rules of confinement are spelled out in the ordinance. The law says pit bulls can't be
kept in yards unless the yards have city-approved fences at least six feet high.
7.Pit bull owners will be required to pay $500 annual license fees for one dog and $1,000
for two. Owning more than two will be illegal without special permission
from the city animal control warden
8.Under the new law, all pit bulls on the streets, in addition to being required to be
held on a short, 4-foot-long leash, must wear muzzles or "a muzzling device."

Pit bulls are defined in the ordinance as "bull terrier" breeds including Staffordshire
bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers,
mixed-breeds "known as pit pulls" and "any dog which has the appearance
and characteristics" of pit bull terriers.