Illinois communities of concern

Despite the Governor signing in to effect three new laws which will hold irresponsible owners to the highest liability in the country, we still have communities looking at BSL.

Lincolnwood, IL (first suburb north of Chicago) is considering restrictions on any pit bull-type dog (including Am Staffs, Staffordshire Bull terriers, etc).
Please understand that Lincolnwood is HOME RULE so they can make laws that are
breed specific even though our State of Illinois has NON Breed Specific Laws on the books.
We need to stress responsible ownership, leash laws, the prohibitive cost of enforcing breed specific legislation, etc.
They name a breed and we are next. WE are ALL in this together.
Tomorrow, 6/15 they are holding a council session - and will likely (from what we gather)
vote. The Mayor told Steve Dale of WGN RADIO PET CENTRAL the votes seem unanimous.
Our best hope may be to put this off, which is what Steve will call for. Steve is testifying at this meeting.

the meeting is at 7:30 - 6900 N. Lincoln Avenue
Lincolnwood , Illinois
They are all important, no matter the city - but Steve says this Mayor has reason to
believe - if it passes in Lincolnwood other 'burbs will follow. We don't have to articulate the consequences if this comes about.
We are hoping reasoned individuals (particularly dog owners in Lincolnwood, but for
sure, on the North Shore and nearby suburbs) show up! The more the better! WE STRESS
the word ' reasoned ' - screaming and barking at the village officials will do
more harm than good.

You can email the members of the Village Board through the Lincolnwood website.

the website is www.lincolnwoodil.org/contact_information%20page.htm

What they really care about Lincolnwood residents, but others can make a difference.
They Mayor feels the overwhelming majority of the village wants this. Proving him wrong would be huge.

Steve has alerted veterinarians; Jamie Damato, the president of the Chicago Area Pet
Trainers Association will be there; hoping Jeff Armstrong can make it, and Steve may gather
a few more experts. Ledy Van Cavage of the ASPCA can't attend - she just returned
from Chicago to her office...and can't make it back by tomorrow, but she is sending a letter to each council member.

Village President Jerry Turry jturry@lwd.org
Village Administrator Timothy C. Wiberg twiberg@lwd.org
Village Clerk Beryl Herman bherman@lwd.org
Village Trustees:
Lawrence A. Elster lelster@lwd.org
Lawrence Froman lfroman@lwd.org
Thomas Heidtke theidtke@lwd.org
Yehuda Lebovits ylebovits@lwd.org
Nicholas T. Leftakes nleftakes@lwd.org
Renee Sprogis-Marohn rsprogismarohn@lwd.org