Chicago, Illinois

***UPDATE 12/28/05***

Alderman Quicklist of email addy's (click here)
Again, many thanks to Karen for her hard work in putting this list together!
Lets not have her hard work be in vain...PLEASE WRITE, CALL and FAX!!!!!!
Chicago Mayor AND Alderman
First will be Name of City Council Members
second: email address
third: will be Fax number if they have one
Faxes are better than emails but whichever you can do will be wonderful.
Please remember be courteous and also constructive.
If from out of state you can mention that if there is a bsl law here in the state
you will avoid Illinois and the City of Chicago for business, dog shows, or shopping.
Mayor Richard Daley:
Alderman Manuel Flores:
Alderwoman Madeline Haithcock Fax # 773 924 5950
Alderwoman DorothyTillman:
Alderwoman Toni Preckwinkle: Fax# 773 536 7296
Alderwoman Leslie A Hairston: Fax # 773 324 1585
Alderwoman Freddrenna Lyle: Fax #773 846 9104
Alderman Todd Stroger: or Fax# 773 224 2425
Alderman Anthony
Alderman John Pope:
Alderman James Balcer: Fax # 773 254 8776
Alderman George Cardenas: Fax# 773 523 8440
Alderman Frank Olivio:
Alderman Edward Burke:
Alderman Theodore Thomas:
Alderwoman Shirley Coleman : Fax# 773 918 1665
Aderwoman Latasha Thomas: Fax# 773 723 1156
Alderman Thomas Murphy : Fax# 773 471 2227
Alderwoman Arenda Fax# 773 684 3701
Alderman Howard Brookins Jr: Fax # 773 881 9383
Alderman Ricardo Munoz: Fax 773 762 1825
Alderman Michael
Alderman Michael D
, Alderman Daniel Solis: Fax# 773 523 9900
Alderman Billy Ocaslo: Fax# 773 276 4272
Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. Fax# 312 432 1049
Alderman Ed H. Smith:
Alderman Isaac Carothers: Fax# 773 261 8687
Alderman Ariel Reboyras: Fax# 773 794 8576
Alderman Ray Suarez:
Alderman Theodore Matlak: Fax# 773 384 1874
Alderman Richard Fax# 773 478 8006
Alderwoman Carrie Austin:
Alderman Ray Colon: Fax# 773 365 7391
Alderman William
Alderwoman Emma Mitts
Alderman Thomas Allen: Fax# 773 283 3343
Alderman Patrick J. O'Connor: Fax# 773 769 3804
Alderman Brian Doherty:
Alderman Burton Natarus:
Alderwoman Vi Daley:
Alderman Thomas Tunny: Fax# 773 525 5058
Alderman Patrick Levar:
Alderwoman Hellen Shiller : Fax# 773 878 4920
Alderman Gene Schulter: Fax# 773 348 8480
Alderwoman Mary Ann Smith: Fax# 773 784 5033
Alderman Joseph A. Moore:
Alderman Bernard
Alderwoman Ginger Rugai: Fax # 773 238 9049

UPDATE 12/14/2005
Thanks to Karen!!!

We are asking everyone in the NEXT 2 WEEKS to FAX or EMAIL again to the Chicago City
Council 50 Ward People telling them NOT to support Alderwoman RUGAIs (pronounced RU GUY)
proposal for breed specific legistlation .
We are also asking everyone to write to the Illinois State Reps and stressing the
importance for the REPS to SUPPORT HB4238 (Representative BOLAND's Bill) which is an
ammendment to the NON BSL Bill (RYAN ARMSTRONG BILL) that is already LAW in Illinois.
The legal discussions will start again during the first week of January when the people are returning to their legislative jobs.
Out of state people can help by letting the city council and the state reps know that you will not be coming to the City OR State for dog shows or shopping.

This Saturday December 10th at 7:30 PM CST, Jeff Armstrong will be in the studio on the Wgn Radio Pet Central Show.
With the host Steve Dale and Rep. Boland will be there as well. Please call in and let them know how you feel!! We still need people to email into the largest midwestern radio station's website WGN RADIO's Pet Central BLOG!! Officials READ THIS FOLKS!!!
Please write logical and sane reasons why breed bans do not work. You can use initials and the BLOG entry can be completly anonymous. The BLOG can be reached in this manner: Cut and paste
Click on the blue line that says Pet Central BLOG on the upper part of the page.
Go to the bottom of a letter posted there and click on comments and a blank sheet will come up and you can post your views on BSL in Chicago and the State.
We can use help from every state and every person concerned with what will happen in their home state or town.
Alderman Toni Preckwinkle responsed to a person writing regarding Ald Rugais proposal with the following email…
"Thank you for your email. However, I will support Ald. Rugai's ordinance. "

Alderman Quicklist of email addy's

Aldrman Ginger Rugai that wants to go thru home rule
to keep Pit Bulls from being allowed in the city.
(We all know Rotts will be next)
Chicago City Council
City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street, Room 209
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312) 744-6800
Fax: (312) 744-6824
Alderwoman Rugai's email
All Council: