Germany has taken a step back into antiquity as far as I am concerned, since they cannot seem to control the irresponsible dog owners, they are setting out to punish everyone by restricting or denying the rights of responsible dog owners!! The world is watching amidst controversy .

I will not going into the background of the recent events but the results are frightening and I will attempt be as accurate as I can, but should the following commentary contain errors please feel free to contact me with the corrections.

I had started a detailed commentary and notes from several that have been sent to me...however, I will only post a few websites that refer to the stand that various groups are taking. I will also be following this up with statements in english that have come in to me within the next day or two. I anyone translates any of th efollowing and can send the translated version to me, I will post it here.

This is cross-posted, with permission, from the United Schutzhund Clubs
of America list, author is Susan Stramm, 10 Jul 2000

The following comments and websites represent the facts as they are
presented and happening. Sites are provided for the ADRK, the Hessen,
as well as for the various German states and the German national
veterinary association to read their positions and proposed/new laws.
FYI...the VDH referred to below is the "des Verbands f¸r das Deutsche

The VDH and the pure breed clubs and the German vets and animal protection associations are protesting the new dog laws that are being passed in Germany. Some of the objections:

1. Old laws were in place to deal with criminal elements who use dogs as weapons. These laws were not enforced (specifically in Hamburg) and the problem will be enforcement and even implementation of the new regulations.

The problem with the people dates back to the 1990s and has steadily gotten worse. Even some press articles realize this fact and are asking who will implement the new laws.

2. The new regulations violate the animal protection act

3. The new regulations ignore the expert knowledge of vets, ethologists and pure breed clubs.

4. All experts agree that the problem is the handler not the dogs, they are making counter proposals.

5. No one objects to putting down dogs that have been shown to be dangerous (within German animal protection law guidelines).

6. The VDH is checking into the legality of each state's regulation and is recommending a law firm to assist people whose dogs are threatened by the new regulations.

7. Breed specific lists are being opposed, there are no Kampfhunde, but there are dangerous dogs in every breed.

8. The VDH and pure breed clubs are insisting on stricter controls and to regulate all breeding within the VDH clubs, also stricter import laws.

>From the ADRK page (some info in English)

Statement by the vet association

>From a list to all the new state regulations.

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