The next Council session is September the 13th.
They will not release the Agenda until Friday the 9th.
Is anyone is planning on speaking at the meetings in Rockmart?
If so, they require you to go to City Hall prior to the Council Meeting and fill out a form in order to be allowed to speak.


Imposing stricter regulations on pit bulldogs brought a large crowd to Thursday’s meeting of the Rockmart Mayor and Council.
Mayor Curtis Lewis said the matter would be placed with the public safety
committee to review and bring back a recommendation.

Curtis.Lewis@rockmart-ga.gov Mayor Curtis Lewis
Phone-770-684-5454 ext. 133 Fax 770-684-4435

pam.g.herring@rockmart-ga.gov City Clerk- Pam Herring


Council members page...for some reason my computer will not allow me to bring up these
emails by clicking on the names.....GGGRRRR.