Hollywood, Florida

DATED: 11/11/99
Thanks to Stephanie for locating this information and Katie Ryan of the Sun-Sentinal...

Almost 1 year later, Hollywood commissionsers agreed to a new ordinance that defines dangerous dogs by behavior, not breed. Director of Code Enforcement Harry Diehl stated that because of a legal decision, breed-specific ordinances are not enforceable. Dangerous dogs are those who bite aggressively or attack a person. There is an appeals process for those who feel they were falsely targeted.

Owners of dogs now deemed dangerous are required to: Commisioners also voted unanimously to send a bill to Broward County to outline a plan for unincorporated areas north of Stirling Road.

November 24, 1998 and thanks to KELLI

Apparently the Hollywood Commission is placing the ordinance
YES!!! I do not have any additional details at this time..
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Dated: November 24, 1998

Hollywood, Florida:
It has been reported that the city council PASSED a breed-specific ordinance restricting specifically
"Pit bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, and all pit mixes".

      a.) keep their dogs muzzled at all times in public;
      b.) have a 6 foot fence around their property;
      c.) register their dogs with the city annually, and
      d.) increase their liability insurance coverage. Note, no other breeds were specified.

The above is direct violation to the Florida Statute. (see statute link below)

Florida State legislation defining 'dangerous dogs' available here