Thorton Colorado

A gentleman in the area has recieved word that a proposal will worked on by special commitee. The Council's next meeting is 2-14...so if you are in the area-please attend to find out how this is going to be handled! Until that time...lets write informative and educational letters which reflect responsible owners views on this issue.

Mayor Noel Busck Noel.Busck@cityofthornton.net
Ward I
Carol Beckler, Councilmember Carol.Beckler@cityofthornton.net
Ron Kuehn, Councilmember ron.kuehn@cityofthornton.net

Ward II
Steve Lebsock, Councilmember steve.lebsock@cityofthornton.net
Jan Bach, Councilmember Jan.Bach@cityofthornton.net

Ward III
Rebecca Cavanaugh-Miller, Councilmember Rebecca.Cavanaugh-Miller@cityofthornton.net
Marty Wisniewski, Councilmember martin.wisniewski@cityofthornton.net

Ward IV
Erik Hansen, CouncilmemberErik.Hansen@cityofthornton.net
Sheila Fushimi, Councilmember sheila.fushimi@cityofthornton.net

Quick email list

Noel.Busck@cityofthornton.net, Carol.Beckler@cityofthornton.net, ron.kuehn@cityofthornton.net, steve.lebsock@cityofthornton.net, Jan.Bach@cityofthornton.net, Rebecca.Cavanaugh-Miller@cityofthornton.net, martin.wisniewski@cityofthornton.net