Lakewood, Colorado

(for a contact in this city email ammitnme@yahoo.com please put Rott-N-Chatter in the subject line)

This is set for a study session on the 30th @ 7:00
Public may attend but not speak!
Dangerous Dogs will be the topic.
They will be making changes based on the study sessions for the year 2006.
Info may be sent to micvon@lakewood.org

Mayor's Steve Burkholder Office: 303-987-7040

Councilor Vicki Stack svstack@aol.com

Councilor Cheryl Wise cjjwise@att.net

Councilor Debbie Koop councilwomankoop@aol.com

Councilor Bob Murphy Gourmark@msn.com

Councilor Sue King King@homes-lakewood.com

Councilor Ed Peterson edpetersonward3@juno.com

Councilor Doug Anderson
303-988-1616 (no e-mail)

Councilor Ray Elliott relliott@controlledproducts.com

Councilor Diana Allen dallenward5@yahoo.com

Councilor Mike Stevens jmsmcz@aol.com