From: Save Denver Pits Save Denver Pits [] 

Subject: Protest the killing of Innocent Pets in Denver, CO

U. S. Citizens Protesting the Seizure and Execution 
of Innocent Family Pets within the City of Denver, Colorado. PLEASE FORWARD! PLEASE FORWARD! On Monday, May 9, 2005, the Denver Division of Animal Control began enforcing a city-wide
ban on owning pit bull terriers, and initiated an aggressive campaign of seizing beloved
family pets, and killing them against their owner’s will. This ordinance
is an indiscriminant ban that demands the eradication and disposal of ALL dogs that are classified
as pit bulls or pit bull mixes, even if the dog has never done anything wrong,
and consistently remains confined to the owner’s property! .
Dog owners who refuse to surrender their pets face up to a year in jail and a $999 fine.

This ordinance also bans shelters and humane societies from “harboring” pit bulls, and
even goes so far as to forbid any US resident from transporting a pit bull through Denver
without a permit. The ordinance does allow for pits to be kept if residents meet certain
requirements; such as increased annual registration fees, maintaining a $100,000 liability
insurance policy, and keeping the dog muzzled and leashed at all times
when it is off the owner’s property—but only if the resident registered the dog prior
to January 1, 1990. Dogs born or transferred to Denver after that date do not qualify for the exemption.

In the first few years there were several legal battles regarding the ban. However, in
November of 1991, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld the ban when it declared that the Denver
ordinance did not violate the state constitution.

If this makes you sick and angry, then speak out against it by signing the U.S. Citizens
Protesting the Seizure and Execution of Innocent Family Pets within the City of Denver,
Colorado petition at:
Any legal US citizen, 18 years of age or older, can sign this petition. Please, read the
petition before you sign it so that you know what you are signing—but act soon! Time is of the essence.
Dogs are dying right now. Sign it and pass the word along. PLEASE NOTE,
However, please understand that it is important to have full, legitimate address for real
individuals to decrease the chance of fraudulent signatures-- this is standard
for most petitons. You must also sign your full name. Signatues with first
names only will be invalidated.

You will also have a space to post comments if you wish. Please be brief and clear, and
remember that courtesy and constructive ideas make more potent arguments than name
calling and negative criticism. The best way to get people to NOT listen to
you is to be negative.
This petition will be ongoing and will not expire until the ban is reversed.
Over 3,000 signatures, along with two separate letters, were delivered to the Governor, Mayor,
and City Council President as of August 1, 2005.
Signatures will periodically be redelivered to these three offices as accumulated.

If you would like a PDF version of the petition to print and distribute, or a copy of the
ordinance, please send your request to Also, contact me
if you wish to be added to my email update list to receive periodic updates on the
petition's progress and any new developments.

OTHER PETITIONS AGAINST THIS BAN (by different authors):

1. Boycott Denver and Colorado. Do not vacation there or buy goods and services
that originate within the state.
2. Write a letter to government officials expressing your opinion. Addresses are
3. Be creative. Create your own petition, artwork, poems, stories, movies, or
whatever you are good at, expressing your ideas or feelings about this tragedy, and share
it with others.

Please send a copy of your letters and whatever else you create to If you live in Denver and have had your dog seized and killed,
please send your stories and photos

Here are the addresses you will need to write a letter(s).
GOVERNOR OF COLORADO Bill Owens, Governor 136 State Capitol Denver, CO 80203-1792 (303) 866-2471 (303) 866-2003
MAYOR OF DENVER John W. Hickenlooper 1437 Bannock Street Suite 350 Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: (720) 865-9000 Fax: (720) 865-8791
District 1 Rick Garcia 2785 Speer Blvd., Suite 246 Denver, Colorado 80211 Phone: (303) 458-4792 Fax: (303) 458-4791
District 2 Jeanne Faatz 3100 S. Sheridan Blvd., Unit D Denver, Colorado 80227 Phone: (303) 763-8562 Fax: (303) 763-8564
District 3 Rosemary E. Rodriguez 69 Knox Ct. Denver, Colorado 80219 Phone: (303) 922-7755 Fax: (303) 937-4651
District 4 Peggy Lehmann 6740 E. Hampden Avenue Suite 302 Denver, Colorado 80224 Phone: (303) 504-5781 Fax: (303) 504-5786
District 5 Marcia Johnson 6740 East Colfax Avenue De! nver, Colorado 80220 Phone: (303) 355-4615 Fax: (303) 355-4127
District 6 Charlie Brown 2324 E. Exposition Avenue Denver, Colorado 80209 Phone: (303) 871-0601 Fax: (303) 698-4908
District 7 Kathleen MacKenzie 1437 Bannock St., Suite 451 Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: (720) 865-8900 Fax: (720) 865-8903
District 8 - Council President Elbra Wedgeworth 3280 Downing St., Unit C Denver, Colorado 80205 Ph! one: (303) 298-7641 Fax: (303) 298-9716
District 9 Judy H. Montero 2828 Speer Blvd., Suite 111 Denver, Colorado 80211 Phone: (303) 458-8960 Fax: (720) 865-9540
District 10 Jeanne Robb 1232 E. Colfax Avenue Denver, Colorado 80218 Phone: (303) 377-1807 Fax: (303) 377-1902
District 11 Michael B. Hancock 4730 Oakland St., Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80239 Phone: (303) 331-3872 Fax: (303) 331-3874
At-Large Carol Boigon 1437 Bannock St., Suite 451 Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: (720) 865-8100 Fax: (720) 865-8103
At-Large Doug Linkhart 1437 B annock St., Suite 451 Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: (720) 865-8000 Fax: (720) 865-8003