April 7, 1999

According to Beth Wickham, the following proposed Ordinance has been amended removing all references to any specific breed!! All of the letters/emails have once again paid off!!!

If this can be verified with a copy of the amended version, I shall place the amended version here.. JAN

Cripple Creek, Colorado
Animal Control Ordinance No. 1999-01, sec. 9.3

Pit Bull Dogs Prohibited: It shall be unlawful to keep, harbor, own, or
in anyway possess a pit bull dog within the corporate city limits of the
municipality except as provided in this subsection. Pit bull dog

1.) The bull terrier breed of dog;

2.) The American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and
Staffordshire bull terrier breeds of dogs, as defined by either the
American Kennel Club, or the United Kennel Club;

3.) Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being
predominantly or substantially of any of the above breeds; any other
breed commonly known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs, or pit bull terriers;
or any combination of any of the above breeds.

Pit bull dogs validly licensed by the municipality on the effective date
of this ordinance, may be retained, subject to the following provisions:

1.) In addition to the standard municipal dog license, the owner of any
validly licensed pit bull dog shall make a special application within
thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Ordinance, for a pit bull
dog license to the licensing authority. Such an application shall
include all the information and requirements of the standard
application, and two (2) color photographs, of different profiles, of
the licensed pit bull dog clearly showing the color and approximate size
of the animal, and a FIFTY DOLLAR, ($50.00) fee;

2) No person shall permit a licensed pit bull dog to go outside it's
kennel or pen unless such dog is securely leashed with a leash no longer
than four (4) feet in length. No person shall permit a pit bull dog to
be kept on a chain, rope, or other type of leash outside its kennel or
pen unless a person is in physical control of the leash. Such dogs may
not be leashed to inanimate objects. If the pit bull dog is on a leash
outside it's kennel, it must be muzzled by a muzzling device sufficient
to prevent it from biting persons or other animals;

3.) All licensed pit bull dogs shall be securely confined outdoors or in
a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel, except when leashed and
muzzled as above provided. Such pen kennel or structure shall have
secure sides and a secure top attached to the sides. All structures used
to confine licensed pit bull dogs must be locked with a key or
combination lock when such animals are within the structure. Such
structure shall have a secure bottom or floor attached to the sides of
the pen or the sides of the pen shall be embedded into the ground no
less than two (2) feet. All such structures must be adequately lighted
and kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

4.) No person shall sell, barter, or in any other way dispose of a pit
bull dog licensed with the municipality to any person within the
municipality unless the recipient resides permanently in the same
household and on the same premises as the licensed owner of such dog;
provided that the licensed owner of a pit bull dog may sell or otherwise
dispose of a licensed dog or the offspring of such dog to persons who do
not reside within the

5.) All offspring born of a pit bull dog licensed with the municipality
must be removed from the municipality within six (6) weeks of their

6.) If any current pit bull dog owner is under eighteen (18) years of
age, such owner's parent or guardian must sign the license application,
affirming that they accept full legal and financial responsibility for
the dog.

7.) All owners of licensed pit bull dogs shall report in writing to the
licensing authority within ten (10) days the removal from the
municipality or death or a licensed pit bull dog, the birth of offspring
of a licensed pit bull dog, or the new address of a licensed pit bull
dog owner, should the owner move within the municipal corporate limits.