Colorado Springs

While animal control workers advocate NO breed specific ordinancing
and believe the problem lies in ownership responsibility,
City Councilman Richard Skorman agrees, but only to a point saying he will explore a city-wide Pitbull ban and that pitbulls can crush skulls, after all, they are trained to fight bulls...

All communication to city officials should be polite and respectful.
It cannot be stressed enought how much good we can do and the positive results we can achieve if we maintain respect for everyone involved.

Lionel Rivera, Mayor
Office Phone: 719-385-5986
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: lrivera@springsgov.com

Larry Small, Vice Mayor
Office Phone: 719-385-5485
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: Lsmall@springsgov.com

Scott Hente, Councilmember District 1
Office Phone: 719-385-5487
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: shente@springsgov.com

Darryl Glenn, Councilmember District 2
Office Phone: 719-385-5493
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: dglenn@springsgov.com

Jerry Heimlicher, Councilmember District 3
Office Phone: 719-385-5470
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: jheimlicher@springsgov.com

Margaret Radford, Councilmember District 4
Office Phone: 719-385-5492
Office Fax: 719-573-2540
E-mail: radford4council@aol.com

Tom Gallagher, Councilmember At-Large
Office Phone: 719-385-5491
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: tgallagher@springsgov.com

Randy Purvis, Councilmember At-Large
Office Phone: 719-578-9800
Office Fax: 719-385-5495
E-mail: rpurvis@springsgov.com

Richard Skorman, Councilmember At-Large
Office Phone: 719-385-5486
Office Fax: 719-578-0323
E-mail: rskorman@springsgov.com